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Gary Turner 2011 Avalanche 3.0 MTB- womens med Almost NEW


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So I've got a bad back now, so I've gotta sell my awesome gear :(

I researched the hell out of this bike specifically because I prefer to ride with more bike underneath me, with the option to throw discs on. So if you're new to mountain biking, or just want to avoid this seasons numerous potholes.
Street ridden maybe 20 times, bought in June, minor scratches from locking it up, still even has the factory grease on it.
Looks just like this-

I got a deal on it- and will pass that to you (it's a $700+ bike-here's the mens disc version- http://www.pinkbike.com/buysell/1292957/)AND will throw in: an awesome helmet(new $40.00), night riding usb front(also new- about 50.00) and rear red lights, big ass motocycle lock.

NO DELIVERY-It's ready to ride away! Come get it before i put it on

pm me if interested- I will check every few days!
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great deal, I am tempted, I spent more thatn that on my new rack and helmet and gloves:mad:

I am going to ask my partner. I think his sister is looking for a bike...


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Just talked to him, My SIL is for sure looking for a bike I don't have a mountain bike anymore so I am thinking about it, We have serious bike storage problem out our place.

I will let you know by Friday, Ok? (pay day!)


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Hey looks like we are not going to buy it. SIL is on a budget right now being on mat leave, and i just don't have space for anymore bikes. Sorry.