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Garbage @ Kool Haus


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I'll have to admit that their last show was more fun because it was much more crazier and energetic. I don't know if it's the new decor but I don't EVER remember people just standing arounf at a concert. Not unless it's Lisa Loeb or something.

The Kool Haus encourages conservative behaviour and a general unwillingness to party hard. I am very surprised at the differences between a B&H event and a rock concert.

But Shirley fucking rocked it on stage. They played for over two hours! The guys looked like they were gonna keel over in cardiac arrests but Shirley's voice has improved a lot since her earyl days as the trembling, not-so-sure frontwoman.

Wearing a wife-beater (no bra I might add; i could see her nips from the back of the Haus), white pants and a bleached blond neo-buzz cut, she cussed, screamed, shook her sexy little hips through the Garbage discography, mainly their new album.

Her vocal range is incredible and I'll have to say that the songs from the new album are much better live.

Some highlights:
"Parade" - anarchic track with a wicked fast beat
"Cherry Lips" - FUCKING ROCKIN' , clap-clap tune about androgyny, sex and attention-whoring!
"When I Grow Up" and "Hammering in My Head" - sinister tunes from Version 2.0. She was fucking belting the lyrics out and adding her own little ad-libs. SO satisfying to hear the songs being performed instead of being regurgitated.
"I'm only Happy When it Rains" - encore

Shirley Manson is a fucking bitch goddess. One reason why there was a lack of crowd-surfing and chaos-causing (and a high number of cougars in stillettos) was probably because Shirley's performance put everyone in a mesmerized trance.

Jolly good show. If you haven't seen Garbage live, you should.


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I had a great time but I agree I felt like I was the only one dancing!
It has been a long time since I have been to a concert so it was strange to see people just standing still while music is on, but I was mesmerized by Shirley.
I fell in love with her all over again :D

I like the cover of "wild horses" - she has such an amazing voice... and my favourite... "When I grow up"


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Well, I did miss the beginning so maybe they did. But I didn't hear it.

Searching for set-list...


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Well, I had a ticket to this show and was going with a friend of mine. We had planned to miss the opening band anyways and figured since the doors opened at 7, the show would start at 8:00. Well, he was running late, I had to wait as he had both of our tickets and we arrived as everyone was leaving the show! Ah well, that's one for the books, at least we were able to laugh about it.

How long did they play for?
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