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Garage 416 @ Roxy Blu


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Did anyone stick around for this??

We got ther pretty early...around 10:30 when it was still a barren wasteland. Pretty slow at first, but things started picking up, and within no time it was the craaaziest party!

Whoever was spinning in the basement around 12:30-1:00ish, and decided to throw down Soul Heaven is my hero. The set was fucking awesome all around...couldn't stop dancing. Heard some of my fave tracks, one after another. Soooo good.

Too bad we had to leave early for our date with Max Graham...it was such a good party. Wikkid crowd, awesome vibes....got a little bit hot, especially after dancing like nobody's bidness, but whatever. It was worth it.

Ana, you're awesome, it was such a blast partying with you. Must hit up those parties together soon.

Dave, i love you!
Thanks for not making too much fun of me when i was deliriously happy.

Saw one of my fave people in the world that i haven't seen in over a year, and thought had dropped off the face of the earth, which totally made my night.

Honourable mention goes to Jay...you were there in spirit hun. Too bad your id wasn't.

Anyways...awesome party for what we caught of it.



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hhahaa and jay an i always make fun of pepes who forget their id

'who the hell forgets their id.. like..come on'


sorry i missed ya at turbo tina... was hopin you'd arrive before i had to depart..but alas!

next time grrl



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This was deffinately an awesome event! I had such a good time! Great music...great people!

Tina, I'm glad I have somebody to go with now! It was great partying with you!

Jay baby...once again I'm sorry that you forgot your id. There's always next time and then we won't rush each other.

Dave, nice to meet you...we so shoulda just stayed where we were, instead of leaving for Turbo. Oh well...next time we know.

Sabrina, Francis and Adrian (if you read this) you guys are always amazing! So glad we hooked up last night...thanks for the smokies!

And last but not least...to blueprint...you know I love you guys! Thanks again! If you haven't seen these guys spin, then you really don't know what you're missing!



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This was real special treat for me. This was the first time in 5 years that I heard my buddy Kevin KJ Johnson spin at a party.

Got there around 11 and KJ was on the decks and played till around 1:30. He played an amzing house set; had the place rammed.

Roxy was incredibly packed; even Surface (downstairs) was packed.

Didn't get a chance to see Mitch Winthrop or Kevin Williams play tho; had to leave for Max.

Definitely chill to party with you again Tina; always jokes. Nice to meat and pary wit ya Phoenix, we shoulda stayed at 416 eh??

Big up Andrew Folkes (416 DJ) for help at the door once again.

Overall a great party with AMAZING people.