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Garage 416 3 Year @Roxy

ecstasy riot

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Well I was really against Roxy Blu for a long time. Then I started going there and really liked it. The crowd is always super friendly and awesome, but the vibe of the DJ's - I'm more uber than thou.

It was house. It was boring.

Now if Nick Holder spun the way he produced tracks. I actually asked another guy in the DJ booth if he could get him cos I wanted to say some kind words about some records of his that I own. He told Nick and they both sort of laughed. Lame fuking attitudes. I'm not going to see him spin ever again, as much as I enjoy his label and music, well not tonight. *yawn*



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i was against going to roxy last night... i find that lately, the vibe there is severely lacking... but i went anyways....

my suspicions were confirmed... vibe lacking..

luckily, went with a fair amount of friends, and managed to have a good time amongst ourselves..

Jerome Syndenham is one of the coolest cats.. i'm not the biggest fan of his actual DJing, but he's the kind of person you'd support anyways... the reggae near the end of the night was a refreshing change..

most of all, i hate the DJ Booth setup in the main room... it makes the place more concert hall-ish... alot less intimate than it was when the booth was at the side..