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Well it twas my first full on Jungle Party in about 3 1/2 years now.

I had a blast tho.. for the three hours I was there.
I got there and the ladies were just about finishing up.
I was going to go but then Marcus started playing.. he does it every time. Awsome set!
I found myself dancing like nuts.. right in the middle of the room.
Then capital J played a sweet set, but I was too beat to dance anymore.

It was a little weird not hearing any techno or trance
but a good little change of pace.

Thank You Ganja Smile Crew!


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Yih YIh.. it was a wicked time.. lots of laughs & bigups to the ticket booth congregation all night..

Sound wuz top notch, DJ's were right up there.. wicked vibe.. and most importantly, this party really renewed some faith I have lost towards Jungle Parties..

Tropicana.. 3rd floor only (plus 2nd for drinking). Although it did get hot in there.. there was always room to move about. & dance while still retaining the look of being packed. We all know what Tropicana's like.

I believe ACS did the sound & lighting.. sorry if I got that wrong.. but it was wicked.. plenty of speaker sluts about.. and at the back area sounded just as good as at the front.

I was doing tickets most o' the time but made sure I walked upstairs every once in a while to check things out. I caught the tail end of Mazur kicking out some truly fat beatz on the dark tip with Dexy G complimenting on the mic with dexterity.

I didn't come back up again till the end of Terra & Queensize's set with Soopa D/Focus langside, who were rhymin overtop in full force. Queensize ended off with a tune of her own ala dubplate.. good to see people bouncin to tunes from fresh TDot talent.

Then up came K8 & Dyer who surprisingly started out with a Garage tune.. of which Dyer drove all over quite proper.. I was impressed to say the least but I don't like Garage much so I went back to my ticket duties. I guess the Garage was just for Dyer's vocal warm up cuz by the time I got down to the bottom of the stairs I could hear the amens flowing.

It seems the only time I caught sets were during changeup, and the turnover to Marcuswas no exception.. this TDot Don of DnB was recieved with the warmest greeting from the Ganjasmile massive.. escorted by Trajady, Bandit & JD addin verbal fuel to the junglist fire. Wicked set for the most part except for the skipping that happened a few times during from what I could tell were to be wicked ass drops into hand raising mixes.
Don't worry man.. you still rocked it.

Then Illfingas was sposed to be ready to go.. but a no show on his part. Pffft.. whatever to that. Hope you had fun doing whatever you had to dude cuz you missed out on a wickedly hyped crowd. I didn't really anticipate hearing his set anyhow.

It just happened that Capital J was there back from another party, and was asked to fill in for "A.W.O.L. Illfingas".. he happily obliged to the delight of the crowd.
I only stayed for a few tunes of his but from what I could hear he took over with full fury. I don't know If Illfingas ended up showing but ya'know, who really cares.
I left knowing the crowd was in good hands and I know J (being the good showman that he is) probably blew the roof off the place.

Bigup to Chris & Steve (For knowing how to put on a night), Voytek, Nick McTwitchy, Ron, Adam, Justin, Adrienne, Marcus(Dizzy), Security (for providing entertainment), and everyone else that also contributed to making the night a wicked time.

See you at the next one.. word is, it will be back to 2 rooms!!!!!!



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so the licensed area was on another floor with no djs?
just speakers? were people dancing in there or just drinking then going back down?
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by kul-kat:
so the licensed area was on another floor with no djs?
just speakers? were people dancing in there or just drinking then going back down?
Tropicana always uses their dinner theater floor as the drinking lounge.. although there was no music in there you could hear some from upstairs. Sometimes they have it piped from there but are never dj's in there.



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Nice review Robotis!

Fo'reel. This was a hype fucking party! Entertaining from start to finish and from the door to the main floor. A booming in-house ACSound, a bouncy floor full of happy, additude-less, baked-not-fried junglists and some top-notch talent in a room full of sweet smoke. An all-jungle party I can honestly say I really, really enjoyed.

While Marcus will forever be my D&B God, it was Capital J's surprise appearance and performance that made this party for me. I had to be the door man for most of the time, so his was the only set I caught in its entirety. Man, what a fucking show. I was grinning from ear to ear like a goddamn retard as J dropped a plate after plate of his own heavy-bass, ragga-ladden material, while JD was bouncing off the walls with that intense look on his face, jumping on speakers and reaching out to the crowd that, judging from the noise, loved every minute of it... What a fierce lesson in D&B future (my hopes) this was.

I'm with Otis on this - this past GS bash renewed my hopes in a happy, no-bullshit TO jungle scene... Perhaps the circle will be on the upswing again... Or was it all due to the clowd of proper smoke hanging above the crowd all night? And why not? That used to be an integral part of every successful jungle party in the past, so perhaps "back to da 'erb" we should go?



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by OTIS:
Tropicana always uses their dinner theater floor as the drinking lounge.. although there was no music in there you could hear some from upstairs. Sometimes they have it piped from there but are never dj's in there.


that's kewl. i was just curious because i couldn't really picture what people were talking about. oh, and tropicana doesn't ALWAYS use their dinner theater floor as a drinking lounge.


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My first Ganja Smile party.
Drinkin on the second floor, nice.
Good vibe on the 3rd floor. Peeps were jumpin and havin fun.
Dripp played a good set packed full a new and old big tunes.
Terra and Queensyze played a wikkid set. Props for playing that dylan remix of Horns and that last DUB was wicked.
Soopa D and Focus were badass, passin the mic to and fro just spittin niceness.
Dyer and K8(?) nuff tunes and vocals were no less than amazing as usual for DYER. But wtf was up with the sound for their set. That was probably the only thing i'd complain about. Still good to see those girls.
And Marcus, ran it as usual.

Overall wicked for a small 1 room party. Ganja smile mos def reppin it for t dot jungle.
Thanks a ton to SCoTT for making us feel right at home.




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Ganja Smile would sincerely like to thank everyone who represented at our Saturday jam and hope to see you at our next event in December. Peace!!! /)
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