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Ganja Smile/next Junktion/sweet Leaf (420)


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I had a wicked time..
Got there aroung 1:30 (no line in the freezing cold), I wasn't that impressesd with the headlining jungle posse. Mostly the m.c. , I guess I was over hyped to hear them. But they did play some wicked tunes.
The highlights of the night would have to be the downstairs room, Voytek, Otis both fucking tore it up like only they can.
PROPS to Otis for that 1930's song about 420, and those fatties we had going.. 420 Celebrations in style.
And I had soo much fun spinning that oldschool hardcore with Doob-e (and Voytek and Sooper Cooper), it was nice to see the room stay full ti'll the very last track. One down fall was the monitor speakers being 9 feet away, and having to get used to it, but we managed.

P.S. Happy belated 420!
P.P.S. I just went off at home, we totally need a re-match!


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most of the headliners form nj will be at milanos tonite and it's cheap like hotdog..only 5$!!!


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I can't say much about the party as I've only spent a couple hours inside, mostly downstairs, but spinnin for my homebase was fun as always, even if i had to spin in a touk and a parka 'cause it was bitchin cold in one corner of the basement. The sweet 420 am celebriation, courtesy of Otis' ingenuity, was most defintely the highlight... aiii?

Good turn out and pleasant ganja vibes were in place, too...



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Thanx to everyone who represented properly, peacefully & responsibly at our party. Much respect for that.
The party turned out amazing. Had a shitload of running around to do and really started enjoying myself at about 4:20am. Wicked set with twich shortly after as well.
The fire extinguisher guy also broke a safety glass in the washroom but security got the fucker and beat the shit out of him. Saw it with my own eyes. Never seen security go this hardcore on anyone before.
I think some of you came to prepared for the 4:20 celebration... 8 bongs confiscated at the door. Nice try.

Also had an amazing time at Milano's Wicked small vibe and I actually got to see the headliners we brought in.

Thanx to everyone and we might see you soon.
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