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Ganja Smile... How was it?


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Seeing as I missed it I thought I might live the night through you.. so how the fuk was it????
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um one word. HOT!!
not to mention my socks ended up a nice shade of orangy brown. i had fun tho!!
too tired to say much more. mmm bed.......


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Allright.... here comes the bitchin...
Well i am now home from Ganja Smile.....
Must say.. worst party i have been to in a long time... here's why.

1. THe Venue. Could it have been any smaller.. really.. way too packed.. nowhere enough ventilation downstairs.. and the flyer said "industrial fans to keep you cool" I think i saw about one fan downstairs... nice escept it only kept the people witin a 2 foot radius of it cool..

2. Sound and lighting system...... Allright.. they promised an "massive sound and intelegent lighting systems" SOund sucked shit... DOwnstairs in the Jungle room there was NO BASS..... before Freaky Flow there was no bass.. and when freaky flow came on the bass somewhat became apperant. And the lighting?? nothing intelegent about that... some weak shit if you ask me.

3. The kung-fu movies.... OK i liked that.. kool shit, showing Jackie Chan and dragonball z..... i liked that.. big ups to the Ganja smile cru for that.

Overall i was very unimpressed... Small venue.. no ventilation.. no vibe.
This party has severally changed my trust in Ganja smile parties.

PHAT E.. out


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OK, all i can say was it is hot and will always be that way, only at one part of the night did they turn on somesort of vents... and only other major thing i was mad about was the guy who robbed all my friends wif a gun.
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ecstasy riot

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And the music? No one has mentioned how amazing the music was.
My first time at Stardust, and yes it wasn't that nice.
I got in at around 1am, barely cos they weren't letting people in with tickets come inside.
The jungle room was infested with androgenous people, and the worst attitudes I have ever witnessed. I almost got into a scrap, for goodness sakes.
When Freaky Flow came on, I was gonna dance, and I did by the stairwell with people giving me dirty looks cos I was taking up space. I'm there to dance not to walk around cracked out. Thanks!
After Freaky Flow I had to head upstairs. I was so sick and thought blood was coming out of my lungs cos it was so stuffy.

Upstairs was a different party. Oh my gosh, the music was heavenly. Just getting into trance, well this was the music to get me "groovin". The Allience played the best trance set I have ever seen. WOW!! Track listing please... M-Zone followed with some harder pumpin' stuff and mellowed it out too. SO nice!!
Then I just remember AT-AT (who it was a great pleasure to meet, the pictures on Tribe do not do you justice!) who was playing some delicious trance for my ears. I just wish I wasn't so tired.

Oh and I forgot!! The Therapist played a mix of Dido's "Thank You", that was amazing. Made me smile lots.

So overall it wasn't as bad as it started, and I left a bit after 7am. And it was really cool to meet yet more TBK, and hang out with everyone.

I'm really tired but overall had fun.



Well yes the venue was hard to work with last night, but regardless of all that a successful party was put on. I want to thank Chris, Steve & everyone else for being collected so well throughout the night.
If anyone missed M-Zone's set last night, you can catch him on Protocol:Radio tonight beginning @ 2am on 105.5 FM tonight.

If your out of the broadcast area, you can tune in digitally through Grooverince.com Net Radio.
Just hit up this address and click on one of the 3 servers at the bottom of the page. http://www.grooverince.com/protocol

Thanx again everyone.


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Despite all problems with the venue (Stardust - air ventilation, capacity), I'd say Ganja Smile did their best to accomodate and kinda please the crowd.

Got to the party around 11pm. Gotta commend GS crew for making the atmosphere lively with their funky decor and stuff.

As for the sets:

Dripp - wikkid set. a nice blend of newskewl with his usual ragga. can't forget Lal workin' the mic.

Kinetic - threw down a nice chillout set. it was kewl to hear some his dubs.

Freaky Flow w/ Flipside - the usual Freaky Flow set and the usual Flipside blabbering and freestyling. Nothing special.

Trek-E - seriously, this guy is climbing up the ranks. wikkid wikkid set, can work the decks like a mad man, not to mention an awesome scratcher as well.

Spinz - nice set. Dropped the "Stan" jungle remix..got the rewind! MC JD back 2 back with Trajedy is a notable mention.

Left around 4:30 am or so...couldn't bare the heat anymore.

Sound system in the All Scratched Up room was pretty bad though.

Keep throwing wikkid parties Ganja Smile kru, just don't use shitty venues.



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This was one of the parites in a long time that i've actually been exicted to go! But then i saw it was held at stardust.....newly renovated......newly ventalated. I had high hopes...gave them the benefit of the doubt, but stardust was exactly how i rememberd it....hot, sticky and dirty! I basically positioned my self in front of th fan all nite. One more thing?? Where was the body checks??? I walked in the front doors waiting be checked but was quickly shuffled off into the side room and then i suddently found myself in front of the dj. WTF?

Ok, I just had to get some bitching out of my sytem. Now for the music! My favourite sets my far was the Alliance and M zone! I'm not a big fan of live pa's and the last time saw the alliance he had technical diffulties but i just found it AMAZING!!! Same with M zone!! I haven't heard him spin since the 5th element party at xit!! Still as good as remember!! The only thing that took away from the music was the sound system.

Bottom line: The party had the potential be to better if it were not for the venue. WIKKID LINE UP though.
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Originally posted by Dj PyRO:
only other major thing i was mad about was the guy who robbed all my friends wif a gun.

What the fuck!!
What the hell kind of security did they have there?? I've heard stories about shit like that going down at stardust, plus it's the shittiest venue around, so for those reason I refuse to go there and will never do a party there....ever!

ecstasy riot

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Originally posted by RaVeRGuY:
Spinz - nice set. Dropped the "Stan" jungle remix..got the rewind!

damn! i was in the trance room after freaky flow..and wanted to come back down but it was so nasty i couldn't. i would have loved to hear that.

heh dido and eminem played the same nite in different rooms.


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Seriously y'all... it was bad but it could have been worse and luckily it got better. Sorry for the mishap Tina and Greg, if you waited a little, i would have gotten you off the door... The owners decided to cut everyone off, even some ticket holders when the capacity's been reached, and then pocketed the money from the door after 330... I'm too tired to write a real review, plus it's pointless - those who stuck with it were treated to amazing performances by The Alliance and M-Zone - it looked like a real riot out on the dancefloor... those who didn't get in or decided to leave early have every right to be mighty pissed, but i'm sure GS crew, me included (even though i'm not in any way responsible and i actually spent a considerable amount of time at the door making sure all the ticket holders and friends got in safely), will make it up to everyone next time...

Stardust needs to be leveled...

ps. thank you Madzia, but i know you're lying - i don't look my sexiest in a time of stress...
but you do know how to make someone feel better... *muah*

ecstasy riot

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i am not! you looked very cute, oh yes., even when you were stressing
this is for you.

and anna (i hope that's right) is a very very very gorgeous girl, mike thought so too.

...and im glad that we recognized each other rite away, so mike and i could actually get in.
stOOpid security.
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damn damn damn damn..

well u would have an idea about how stardust would be before you got there..so it shouldn't be a surprise.... but damnit i'm upset i missed mzone and the alliance.. and weren't you gonna play an older set too,wojtek?!


Did you record mzones set??? what are the bids at right now??



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Originally posted by dj PHAT E:
2. Sound and lighting system...... Allright.. they promised an "massive sound and intelegent lighting systems" SOund sucked shit... DOwnstairs in the Jungle room there was NO BASS..... before Freaky Flow there was no bass.. and when freaky flow came on the bass somewhat became apperant. And the lighting?? nothing intelegent about that... some weak shit if you ask me.

posted on behalf of ACS Sound and Lighting (Owner) -----------------------------------


On behalf of ACS i would like to respond to your comments concerning the sound and lighting.
The reason the sound and lighting was not up to ACS standards, as the rave market is accustomed to, was because of a residential power failure that insued 5minutes into the party, which disabled a 1km radius.
The power was restored around 10 oclock at which time the main fuses in the venue had blown which disabled much of the sound and lighting equipment. So it was a quick reaction by ACS/GS crews that enabled the continuation of the party.
We do apologize for any inconveniece to the partyers of GS.

So basically in the end due to unforseen circumstances, sometimes things just dont work out as planned.

The next party promises to be in a bigger, cleaner well ventilated venue with a killer light and sound show.

Anyone that wishes to direct furthur concerns to ACS, please write to: acsproductions@yahoo.com

Once again, we apologize


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Got in at about 12ish and left at 1:20am!!!!
for the time that i was in there i had a really fun time. yes the heat was pretty bad but it wasn't as bad as people say it was not to me ne ways. the reason for me leaving so early is because my friends that i came with wherent having much fun, they where my only ride back to Guelph so i had no choice but to go with them to another party where we stayed the rest of the night. This was my first Ganja Smile party and it was all good except the *Venue*!
I dont think that people should look down on Ganja Smile because of the place that they chose to have this event because people dont always get what they want.
i will definetly be at the next Ganja Smile party just because i have never seen so many POLISH people at a rave before!!!!


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most of the gsmile kru is POLISH, not that it matters, because i am ukranian (very similar)
ummm DJ PYRO who the fuck pulled that shit on you? a GUN? you serious
thats just a LIkkle bit extreme
in the j.room i guess?

megan nice to see ya again, sorry i just could not recognize you (no glasses..)


peese YO

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Originally posted by RaVeRGuY:
Spinz - nice set. Dropped the "Stan" jungle remix..got the rewind!

YEA!!!... just picked up that plate recently... got a sick jungle remix on one side.... and a breaks remix on the otherside.... a hype little record....
that my opinion.



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If it wasn't at stardust I would have to say party was one of the best of the year.

I had a blast playing the mrs pacman game and I am now the esteemed high scorer on that game.

Alot of really good sets that night Beaker, Therapist, Subsonic etc...
but I have to give it up for M-Zone. I think he played the set of the year with his 96 Trance set..
wow it was never ending good beats....

I went down to see Freaky Flow.. yikes...
there was a surprisingly good vibe in the jungle room...
flipside was quite impressive but the most impressive thing of all in that room was the fact that they were playing the legend of the drunken master on the screens....

Alot of good tunes, good friends and too much beer made this a finer night indeed