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Gamma Ray's monthly - 2nd segment this Friday. $2 only!

MC Wizard

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Allright, it's on Friday, it's going to be sunny and +18C outside, school is almost over, so if you're down for some ghetto local party atmosphere, get your asses down to Audiowerks and brock out to some jungle beats. It's only $2!
As you know, Gamma Ray is open to musical diversity within d'n'b, and even though we try to push the more deep, atmospheric side of d'n'b (simply because it's wicked, it also works on the dancefloor and there's not enough people playing it out), we're also open to other styles of dnb and support anyone who truly loves and believes in what they're doing. And of course, as big lovers of old school, we continue to make sure that old school is not excluded @ our events. Sure, it's been written and done but where would we be without it today? Respect is due where it's at. For all rave /jungle circa 91-93 lovers out there, this time we invite Markham's #1 old school DJ - BRTN.

gamma ray music
wizard and quasar present

* twilight *

an all new drum'n'bass monthly

friday, april 12, 2002

::: audiowerks ::: 423 queen street west :::
19+ ::: 10pm - 3am ::: $2 all night

*** featuring the talents of ***

dj ra ::: awol, jedi records :::
this guy has lots of dubs. he's been around for a long time. so we let him play. that's the breakdown of the
booking process for djs. fascinating, isn't it?

wizard ::: gamma ray :::
the mastermind behind gamma ray records, toronto's new d'n'b imprint and canada's only outlet for deep,
futuristic breakbeat bass, is guaranteed to bring forth lots of unreleased next level cuts from here and abroad.
watch out for wizard's forthcoming release on good looking records. hotcha!

quasar ::: gamma ray, splinter :::
you know how there's violent resistance and passive resistance and how they both deal with matters in their
own way? well, if c64 is violent resistance and molotov cocktails and balaclavas, then his alter ego quasar is all
seminars and conferences and sit-ins. in other words, elevation and progression.

brtn ::: spinSoul :::
this little nutter is going to be dropping some science. so get your beakers and your periodic table out for
some uplifting, melodic oldskool circa 91-93


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if i were in town, i'd be all over this one alex.

by the way i totally lost your number...