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Gamma Ray 002 + EP news

Discussion in 'Jungle Room' started by MC Wizard, Nov 27, 2001.

  1. MC Wizard

    MC Wizard TRIBE Member

    Gamma Ray 002:

    Chris J's Windforce / Rainy Nights is officialy out this week.
    Check Juno, Red Eye, Chemical, Breakbeat Science to grab your copy.
    For all of you in Canada & USA, you will be able to grab Chris J's single for a domestic price of 6.99 US @ Breakbeat Science starting this Thursday.

    Phuturistic Bluez 007:

    Don't forget to check out Chris J's latest "X-CEL" EP on Phuturistic Bluez, feauturing "Untitled 3", a dancefloor monster that was cained by Blame last year, "X-Cel", and a gorgeous deep house piece "Seasons".

    Upcoming on Gamma Ray:

    "Universal Livewire" EP
    ASC - Terminal / CABLE - How Do You Define / F8 - Skyrise Tracing / POSEIDON - City Limits
    Promos will be available at the end of January and full release in February.


    Gamma Ray website is currently undergoing some reconstruction and will be up shortly.


    Alex / Wizard

    *Gamma Ray Music © 2001*

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