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Gaming Rig


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Gezus man. I’ve been going through the practise drills like crazy but my mind defaults to like 1999 type controls. I think I have a better chance at getting a fatality in Mortal Kombat than learn the permutations for FIFA 2018.


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There's a lot to learn. You can keep practising over years and have tons of room to get better

Like I said, find rocket league has similar long curve but feels better going up it for sure


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Hey JamesM, a few tips after a weekend where fifa won me back over after some frustrating months.

Def do the journey, go to the end. Across the journey game will teach you the basics.

If you are doing Ultimate Team, just do squad battles a while with your trainer on, really helps build you up.

Once you can beat world class reliably and legendary fairly often then you will be in good shape for online.

Work on developing all the basics, but if you have trouble with something spend a few rounds just focusing on it.

I built my repertoire piece by piece, once the basics are in you should practise: fake shot/fake pass as first basic skill to develop.

Once you have this down, would reco getting a few skill moves in. I can post some YouTubes I found helpful too. If you get into fifa, start a thread, I'll post a pile of stuff there for you...
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Shit man, so tempting to make 400-600 profit on my GPU purchase from the fall...

But then what do I replace it with.... Replacements will be overpriced too!