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gamer girl wanted


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BITE Television - Canada's Interactive Network is looking for a 'GAMER GIRL' to HOST vignettes containing reviews, previews, promos & events all revolving around the gaming world.


Your primary duties will be to play and then review / promo the hottest new video games on both BITE Television and BITETV.ca

- Female
- 18 – 30 years old
- Any Ethnicity
- Non-union

This is a part time PAID position.
Local applicants only please.

Please send photos and resume to jason@bitetv.ca

Demo reels are welcome and can be sent to the address below.
Web links provided to online samples are also appreciated.

the full ad:
gamer girl
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room
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Jeremy Jive said:
There has to be at least a dozen Human Rights Act violations in that job posting.


Well, "any ethnicity" is a little redundant. Shows that "hey, we can cave in to a coloured."

Can't ask for someone's age in a job posting unless it's pertinent to the job. Why can't a 16 year-old host a show about video games?
Why is an actual host non-union?
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