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Gameboy Advance SP!

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I got one for X-mas and I haven't been able to put it down since. So many precious wasted hours! Does anyone have one as well? And if so what games do you recommed?

So far I have;

Wario Wares
Golden Sun

Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu is the best by far. The greatest feature though is that it plays old Gameboy games but it COLOUR!

we got my neice one for christmas... and bought her super mario kart.. that thing kicks ass!!!
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I have Dave Mirra's pro BMX
great fun, but some of the shit is sooo fucking hard.

I also have Pokemon Sapphire, i finished it in 30hours. :/
I picked one up for busrides. I picked up Final Fantasy Tactics. Supposed to be 300 hours of gameplay! my eyes really fucking hurt.
wario ware!!! that game is evil. terribly addictive.

dont much care for the feel of the sp though, i liked the way advanced fit into my hands.

hi matt!

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I have an Advance and an SP... as someone mentioned, the regular one is much more comfortable... so I keep it for extended home sessions... but nothing beats the small carry anywhere-ness of the sp...not to mention the backlight... Holy finnaly nintendo!!!

Mario Cart is great! I picked it up previously played and the doorknob who sold it hadn't even opened all of the bonus tracks!!

I also really enjoy Tony Hawk's Underground! It's got the craziest fuckin' graphics!!! Even a killer custom board paint program where you can design your custom skaters deck!! SIIIICK!!! especially on a hand held platform!

If you liked Super Metroid on the SNES then you MUST pick up Metroid Fusion... it's a bit short... but for the price it's enough to satisfy your 2d Metroid cravings!

I also got a copy of the Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past ... CLASSIC game which has been VERY faithfully translated... If anyone has a copy of this and wants to hook up for a game of head to head four swords action lemme know!!

the next title I'm going to be picking up is Max Payne! I read some reviews and it looks really sick!
Question: has anyone else had trouble connecting multiple Gamboy's on single gamepacks? your supposed to be able to play 2 player Mario Cart with only one copy of the game...but I can't get it to work...

then again the cable I bought was 3rd party AND second hand from a dude in Pacific Mall... it very well could be a bum cable...