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Game Changer Competition

Hawk Eye

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Hi Everyone,

The discussion in the cross fit thread made me want to show you guys this work out. I mentioned it awhile ago in the guy forum.. in the work out thread.

This challenge is very popular among the paddling teams. That's how I heard about it and I googled it to see what they were talking about.

For 45 minutes, determined teams of three competed in a grueling challenge of drills designed to test the physical strength and endurance of even the toughest elite athletes.

The Top five teams – including FemFab, an impressive all female squad – pushed themselves to the limit in a daunting feat of strength with hopes of earning their place in the Championships, but only two teams would advance.
In the head-to-head combat, veteran Game Changer Pro, Felix Zhang led his team “The Champs” to a memorable victory over team “Premier” as the first to slam out 200 shared reps on the Anacondas – making a debut at Game Changer courtesy of 360 Conditioning.

Game Changer redefines intensity!

The third in the Pro Series, this Game Changer Game Day proved to be the most exciting to date. With the next Game Day scheduled for December 3rd, athletes are already in serious training mode hungry to rob Zhang of his title.
Game Changer is a proud supporter of Right To Play. Get in the game and help make a difference. Check out Facebook.com/MyGameChanger for details on how to enter. Are you game enough to take on the challenge?

I wouldn't mind participating in something like this! Just to do it.
It's pure body weight exercises.
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