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Ive heard nothing but good about this shin dig from other people! Who else went?
The radio was bouncin all night long at work! That was nuts when Gaetek dropped that "you spin me right round baby right round. like a record baby" track.

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I disagree actually. I did not have a good time at all. Whoever was on the decks before Pariso was horrible. Apparently he didn't know there was a pitch control on the tables. As for Pariso - ehm ... drop the bassline sometime please. Almost every other track had stretches of minutes at a time where he cut out the bottom end - and then you wonder why a lot of people were just standing around at that point. I found that his mixing was off on many tracks as well. Just no flow to anything he put together. As for dropping "You Spin Me Right Round", sorry but I wasn't digging that remix at all. It's NOT a techno track, and whoever remixed it butchered it large style. The remix that John Acquaviva dropped last month with Danny Howells and Tall Paul was MUCH MUCH better. At least it had a housey feel to it.

To the other people that were in attendance, please learn to say "Excuse Me" when you're trying to get through the crowd. Don't just plow through. It's very rude, and really interrupts people's dancing.

Unfortunately after really struggling to make it through most of Pariso's set, I couldn't stand it anymore and left shortly after 2.

Joanna and Svet, always good to party with you again, Jen finally good to meet you, and Eclipze, Par-T, Bean, and Suke, good to see you again.

I hope my next trip to FTWK @ Tonic will be much better than the experience I had last night.

-- Jay aka Fut


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I came quite close to hitting this...always good to hear mixed reviews of something you didnt want to miss


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Hmm... I was *this* close to going. I was even in line right before 12am, but lots of rock climbing gear, a small knife (amongst the climbing gear), and a metal detector put me on the streetcar home instead. Still, I was kicking myself right up to Eglinton station.

fut - I hear 'ya about rudeness. It seems that some people take a small satisfaction in getting in your way, eh.

Hope everyone else had a good time.
- E :)

Adam Duke

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Jay knows bhupkus.

(and yes Jay, i DID go!)

Gaetek, while being a little more experimental with his style of mixing, definately made up for a poor showing last time at the pHryl party w/Adam Beyer. He was true to the Italian funk and was in fact MORE groovy than I've seen yet. And yes, the 'Italian Head bob thing' was in full effect. Why does 'You spin me right round' have to be so true to it's 80's form? Nostalgia? It was pure FUN. I'm sure it was meant to be humourous and it WAS executed well - two hard tech tracks pounding underneath and 80's track was bliss.
Mistress Barbara was less impressive this time out. I'm used to the more tonal, three deck driving that she has provided up until this point. I found her set to be:
a) not loud enough (Gaetek pounded it, and then she brought it down...*cracks whip* BAD GIRL! Time for your punishment!)
b) more tribal-ly than i've heard her (not that that's bad, just different)
c) very dry. Not nearly as exciting as she can and has provided. Check out her set online from Karma in Chicago and you'll know what i mean.

...well, enough blathering. I had a great time (as always - thanks MWE & BLUE) and will be out in full effect for next weeks battery of beats.

Tech care,

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after a month or so in hiding (argh to school), i finally made it out to an event... ftwk last night.

i had a fun time. arriving there by myself, i soon ran into many familiar faces.

jay, i completely agree with you about 2 things:

1. the rude people.
2. the cheesiness of "you spin me right round".

gaetek's set was a lot softer (!) than what i've heard previously (memories of strobe in the basement of jet). i wasn't too fond of him fading out the music for a minute or so... dropping the sound so i could hear conversation around me at a party doesn't go over well with me.

i found it hard to listen to misstress barbara's set. she did have me dancing, but her set was really uneven. the last time i heard her it was similar: she tweaks the mixer too much.

as for quest (the dj on before gaetek): i agree with what suke was saying last night: nice track selection, but not so good mixing.

still, it was a fun night.

it was great seeing the tbk last night:

smiley jo



"share what you know, learn what you don't."


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Why does 'You
spin me right round' have to be so true to it's 80's form? Nostalgia? It was pure

Exactly! granted Gaetek's skillz technically were lacking.. he had me boppin my foot and trying to dance while unloading trucks. Which aint easy!

terrawrist III

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bean,totally agree with you about the twaekin'!...also found that geatek uses toooo much bass.....anyway had a blast with the mistress though,love her booty shakin'!

nice to see suke lovin' it up proper too!

had fun with my fellow tribe boarders(smiley jo,wanted to meet you cuz i thought you were a cutey,i was the guy with the red hat!)

ex-cited bout next week.....to hear "sandwiches"...hope paris get's naked!!!


Par- T

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Interesting evening- I had fun though. Gaetek had the tunes banging but with way too much bass happening, as mentioned. I preferred when he was here a couple of months ago with Carola. As for that "You spin me round" track - I definately could have lived without it, it fucked up what flow there was, and was 4 times as long as it should have been.
The Mistress, I always enjoy - she always looks like she is so into her work and having as much fun as the rest of us. This wasn't the best set of her's that I've heard, too many ups and downs for techno, but I didn't mind too much (I'm a trancehead so that should explain it).
Nice to see all the Tribe boarders out, and some I haven't seen for a long time - esp. Futronic & Terrawrist.


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Originally posted by hardtekfunk:
Jay knows bhupkus.

(and yes Jay, i DID go!)

Where were you chillin' man? The TBK massive were pretty much at the back left/side left.

This thread proves that everyone has their own opinion, and we shouldn't be jumpin' down people's throats when they say "I didn't like/did like this night"

Oh, and @m ... msg me or gimme a shout. Haven't talked to ya in a while and I hear some beer calling my name.

-- Jay aka Fut
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