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Gaetano Pariso pictures


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Hey all ... I know I said I'd do this quite a while ago, but I finally got the pics from Blue's 4 Year Anniversary done. Here goes:


Laura (Madnezz) doing God knows what in the crowd

Another crowd shot

Yet another crowd shot

-- Jay aka Fut


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Laura, *extremely drunk* (*yes*, she IS liquiding. lol)

I have no idea

Laura and @m's girlfriend

Nesta and myself

Some TBK ... Vinder, Laura, Matt (Beaker), Graham (Mr. Tall), and fattyp (?)

Hope everyone enjoys them!

-- Jay aka Fut
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nice shots dude...

and yes that would be me not fattyP...you see a whoolie outta my mouth?? (just jokes fatty

sidenote-> gaetano needs a haircut.


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Glad everyone likes em. And sorry about mislabelling the pic tekkid. Laura, in her drunken state didn't introduce us. lol.

Yes, Gaetano does need a haircut. hehe.

-- Jay aka Fut

orange richie

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What in god's name is Laura (madnez) doing in all those pictures.

Has she been possesed (sp?) by some techno demon(s)? I think that school thing is getting to you dear...

good to see you're having a good time!

Rickardo Belmiro de la Cruz


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Gaeteks shirt gets DangerhOUSe approval. Safe!

No Alcohol In Dj Booth ===============> Suke.
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About the chick in the red pants...her name is ElektroTekBabe, and not just @m's girlfriend.

By the way Futronic...those are great pics! We sure had a great time that night.


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That's not me in the pic... but I am in the pic where Madnezz & ElektroTekBabe are cuddling. I look mashed.. I'm on the right in the black hat and green t-shirt.

That night was fucking hype and seeing those pics brought back the chills.

Good job futronic, nice pics.

Gaetano looked like a killer...lol.



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To all those wondering what Laura was doing.. the answer is Liquid. Yes- liquid. BWA HAHAHAHAHAHA
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