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Gaetano Parisio Is My Father !


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I just got home, belly full of sausage mcmuffins, eyes red, ears ringing... and soul satisfied. So many troubles encountered while finalizing the plans to attend Blue's 4 Year Anniversary in the basement of Turbo. Arguements... no shows... bail outs... rides cancelling... it seemed as though it just wasn't meant to be.

Several TBK were even as kind as to offer rides and a place to crash afterwards, which was very generous to say the least, considering I had yet to even meet them in person. Madnezz... Hardtekfunk... thanks so much once again.

However, none of that was needed as a friend of mine had mentioned that he was going. We made the arrangements and things were looking up.

We arrived at the back of Turbo at approximately 11:45pm There was a decent line-up and things were moving pretty quickly. Thanks so much to Ken for the spot on guest list, it helped so much. Once inside, we proceeded to the bar for some refreshments.

Several gin n' gingers later... the vibe was tight and the music had me groovin'. It was pretty chilled and laid back techno for the beginning of the night... and then it started to progress into something a little bit harder. Someone told me that it was Lotus spinning.

The music was good to drink to and by 1:25am I had ran into Madnezz and was being guided around the club and introduced to several members of the tribe board. Everyone seemed quite pleasant and it was nice to meet some quality techno freaks as well. Vinder, Tommy Smalls, Hardtekfunk, Par-T, Mr Tall, Finary and everyone else (sorry, it's late and I'm mashed)... it was great to meet you.

Then, ... the moment of truth came. Gaetano Parisio touched down on the decks and war was declared ! Not for one single moment did this man let down... constantly banging out the floor smashers... the neck cripplers... those tracks that just paralize you....


Needless to say, he had me moving. The entire crowd was loving everything he was dishing out. No mercy was shown and I loved every minute of it.

It was too bad that I had to leave before his set was finished... Gaetano is a fucking genius.

Thanks to everyone who helped make the evening what it was. I hope to run into you more often... and for those of you who didn't show, too bad... cuz Gaetano Parisio tore the fucking roof off !

Props to Blue for bringing in some mad talent. I had a blast.

Techno for breakfast, techno for lunch, techno for dinner !


*now it's time for some really needed sleep*

(12 spliffs later)


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Well *I* had an absolutely fabulous time sitting at the library till 3 AM. Who needs Gaeteano Parisio when you have books!

<----- in denial.


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Mmm...I have to agree with Fatty...Gaetano was amazing!! It was perfect because he just went into this 'hard-don't-fuck-with-me' kinda set from the very beginning. When it comes to Techno, I like it hard! Lets just say that Gaetano satisfied my needs...

I was really smashed last night, not to mention that people kept on passing me joints from all directions. Turbo kinda sucks cuz the system is loud, but not so good quality-wise due to the fact that it leaves this annoying-half-deaf ring in your ears at the end of the night.

Line up for my DREAM party:

*Thomas Krome
*Gaetano Parisio
*Marco Carola
*Chris Liebing
*Anthony Rother
*Johannes Heil/Heiko Laux (2gether)

Does anyone want to hook this party up for me? LOL...Perhaps I should just go to "I love Techno" next year.


The Electrician

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Personally I thought Gaetek was kinda weak lastnight... I noticed quite a few screw ups... but everyone screw's up at some point... He played phat tracks, and he was a little too experimental with his trickery... sounded weird...

but I had a great time... He was still good... I've just seen him play better....



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well to begin....it was great meeting the following tribers:

finary,fattyP,Big Bad Baldy,and finally meeting the one they call Dj Engine

always a pleasure seeing Laura (please keep your lip tight on the age thing)
just kiddn' ... Mr. Smalls nice to see you again dude..

and of course always a pleasure seeing the following

Adam aka @m > oshawa ??? u serious?

my boi Blaise
my east end crew Kennie and Duanne
Carlos (great seeing yah again dude)
Mike (mindbender) been a while!
peter (ladd) dope dancer dude!
John from Blue for getting me guestlisted(i guess my mail did get through...
Ej-- i'll be seeing you in Hamilton soon dude

my boi's Greg and Morgan (note: Hooters food sucks ass.)
and to anyone i missed i appologize....my head is still aching...

now on to my review....

i just caught the ending of Jeremy's set and immediately i knew i forgot something. EARPLUGS.

and the one they call Gaetek steps up...felt like someone banging a bat upside the head.Personally i did not feel him at all..i fucking love hard techno but man MIX that shit. SOMETHING HE DIDN'T do. I didnt hear no mids or high's man, bass happy? yes.
slamming tracks in and out just doesn't do it for me anymore...i knew what i was going to though and i realise thats his style...but after awhile its fucking boring.

hence my early departure and tyler and adams classification of Gaetano BORENTano

also i didnt hear no 3 decks rolling then again how can you when you got 40 000 watts of bass.

overall i did have a good time seeing people , meeting people and hangin with good friends...

anyhow, thats my review and im sticking to it.I like my techno that takes me somewhere with long smooth mixes that goes through all types of techno but thats just me.

hope everyone had a good time, and hope to see you all out on the 15th....where there will be definately all styles of TECHNO!!


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Chick8Trouble:
Heiko Laux
yes , for the love of god, somebody bring this guy here!!!!




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my oh my.

Did I cause trouble last night or what . I dont think I have ever done so much ass grabbing, slapping, bumping etc EVER!

I apologize to all the people I may have violated in my less-than-sober state.

Mr. Tall and Beaker were especially my victimes- sorry guys. *Grin*

Adam- Im still stealing your girlfriend away. *grin* I think she likes ME better anyway!!!

Patrick- nice to meet you!!! sorry for dragging you around the club for what seemed like ever!!! *L*

nice to see all the following people- I know I'll forget some names, but I'm going to try to list everyone anyway!!!!::: (in NO particular order)

Kim & Diliana
susan & alex
bert & shannon
technocratic girl
mike p

Jay- what can I say. You have way too many pictures of me. BAD pictures. *LOL* oh god...

The worst part about last night, is that I dont even remember Parisio's set. How sad is that?? the only thing I remember about the music were when there were trainwrecks!!! what a snob.... *wink*

AND HOLY SH*T!!! My back is in SERIOUS trouble today.... I guess thats what happens when you think you're superwoman and try to pick people up when you see them (then find yourself on the floor).

It really sucked having to get up early and drive home (i have to admit- there was still quite a bit of alcohol in my system) to pick up my mom so we could go TO CHURCH. *urgh*

ok, that's about it.

Laura &lt;--- had a great time!!!


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TEKKID!!! I barely saw you last night--- you seemed to have disappeared and I was lookin for you! *S* oh well , I guess we'll get to hang out on the 15th!!! *S*

and btw-- I DID have earplugs, but forgot to stick em in my ears.... *shakes head*

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the sound down in the red room was kinda wack - as other have said, you need to have earplugs as all you get is a pile of dirty bass (as opposed to the clean bass you can get from a REAL turbo sound, digitally controlled system that if you feel in your chest, not in your eardrums)..

i thought gaetek was aight - he gave people what they wanted, and made the crowd happy. personally, i prefer marco's flavour of italo-funk - although both of them are playing VERY formulaic techno these days - not many surprises, just BANG-BANG-BANG.

great to see all the familiar faces in effect, and great meeting some new ones!

everyone should come out on the 15th to my boi tekkid's shindag
that lineup promises to have a lot more techno FLAVA' !!



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by madnezz:
Jay- what can I say. You have way too many pictures of me. BAD pictures. *LOL* oh god...
First glowsticks, then liquiding. *shakes head*. Techno snob my ass. heh heh heh

It was good to see TBK full on representing last night. Pictures to come ... (yes Laura, be afraid ... be very afraid

-- Jay aka Fut


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I went.
I danced much.
I rested.
I smoked.
I drank.
I talked.
I danced more.
I danced much much more.
Party ended at 4- 4:20 session to follow.

Good Jam.

Geatek.. well other than me wondering what most of the tracks were because of that DEVISTATING bass put on a decent show in the sense that he kept me dancing all night. I personally wasnt all that into his flow as he tends to play the much harder techno. I will deffinatly check him out again- I mean were talking about techno here people.


terrawrist III

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great night out at turbo!

got in at about 12:30 and the place was bumpin' pretty hard...Adam marshall was excellent for the time he was on,parisio was aiiiight i guess, never seem to fully be captivated by his BASSY sets!He uses sinister bass to move bodies,I prefer the more subtle, trebly thunder to move me!

all in all good night out and it was nice to see some familiar faces form this here board

laura(always cool!)
par-t(enjoy chattin' with ya!)

met some new faces and conversed with some old.



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by terrawrist III:

laura(always cool!)
James!!! yeah it was awesome to see you! It's been a WHILE eh?? *grin* It was nice to see your gal too--- she's so cute!!! *S*

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I had to miss this party on my b'day weekend so I could spend a day in class configuring HSRP for fault-tolerant routing.


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my ears still hurt. but good lord that was fun. my first all techno party, and man o man if that's what's too expected, then definitely not the last! skull punishing stuff here, ear splitting due to the sound system (imagine that on the guvernment phazon system, whoa...) but oh lord was it good. haven't danced that hard in months. great to see a lot of friendly faces out, you guys truly made it even better: hmp + alex, madnezz, tommysmalls, fattyp, finary and his friend whose name i can't remember, m..m, beaker, mr really tall, par-t, futronic, and others that i'm sure i'm forgetting.

more techno i say.


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Hey technopeeps..

Blew up da spot at about 1am last night to find a decent but not overwhelming crowd. Haven't been downstairs at Turbo in a LONG time, and would have to agree completely with the assessments of both the sound and the after effects on my ears. MUST GET GOOD EARPLUGS.

After the most. evepensive. double. evar. ($11?!?!?!) and a beer, ran into @m and fattyp chillin and illin by the booth. Blazed a couple of cannons and sank into the set. @m was kind enough to introduce me to a bunch of Tribers, and I got down and dirty.

Unfortunately, as always on Saturdays, I had just worked 17 hours and had to work again at 7am, so was suitably pooped. I was really feeling the first hour of Gaetano's set. I even liked his dramatic EQing, but it WAS pretty much all highs and bass, as tEkKiD stated. Danced mah butt off, but around 3am I just wasn't feeling it anymore, he seemed to have slipped into the TechnoDOOMDOOMDOOM Canyon where everything begins to sound the same, and the dripping funk is noticably absent. When I'm as tired as I was last night, my rule is pretty much if I stand around for half an hour straight, it's time to begin thinking about going home. Which happened, and I did. Would have been nice to hear Gaetano on a different system, Turbo's can be a little overwhelming, sonically speaking. Regardless, a good time was had, and it was nice to meet all the people I did last night, including:

tEkKid: I enjoyed the brief moment when we met last night, I hope you weren't expecting me to be mad or something because we've had words here. Pure laughs.

@m: Dude, we've got to go out partying together some time, like a full and proper night of it. You're a spot-on guy from what I can tell. Thanks for the burns, listened to Surgeon today, love it, looking forward to the others. Will pick up some decent CDRs and get shtuff your way.

fattyp, finary, futronic, others whom I met but either don't recall names or couldn't hear properly while being introduced due to the sound assault, nicetameetcha in a somewhat limited atmosphere.

I need techno! Dirty, dripping, stanky, funky techno. Who's going to give it to me?


I can take it.

OH! WERD! to the two girls behind the divider thingy busting MAD styles all night long. One of you absolutely made my night! I LOVE watching people groove mightily.


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OH YEAH--- i forgot the main man BLAISE!!! how could I forget- you rock!!!! *S* see you next monday!!! (although I have to tell you-- the fall I took last night really did something serious to my back... i hope im in ok shape to climb!!!

and of course- nice meeting you DEREK!!!! *S* hope to see you on the walls as well! *S*

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by BigBadBaldy:
tEkKid: I enjoyed the brief moment when we met last night, I hope you weren't expecting me to be mad or something because we've had words here. Pure laughs.


not at all dude, i was gonna bring my spell checker for yah but was glad i didn't...you seem like a sound guy...and much bigger than me!

hopefully next event well beable to chat/drink up more!


Adam Duke

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damn...that was a humdinger 'o fun.

SOOOoooo wicked to see so many old tribers in effect and meet so many new ones! Y'all be a credit to Toronto's partying elite!

Gaetano SLAMMED it out - nice, deep layering and VERY funky baselines. It was almost too hard at points (wish he'd mixed it up a bit, but hey, that's not his style), not as much EQ work as the last time and definately looser on the decks....BUT still a great time and people were loving it on the dancefloor.

Turbo's system downstairs is kinda crappy for anything other than bass - it's SO bottom-heavy and it drowns out the mids and highs, i noticed. Too bad, because there were some sweet elements in those tracks that i would've liked to have heard more.

Big ups Irish Techno Massive and Fattyp: so solid to meet you. So many TBK and peeps I won't list them all - you guys made my night.
BBB, we'll hang for sure - i'd enjoy that (glad you like the CD's! I realized after i left that i forgot about the tequila adventure! ACK! Next time.).....and Laura, I hardly think my girlfriend would leave me for you if you can't even remember her name!

Galit (pronounced: GAAAAALEET)



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I had a great drunken time!
You gotta love Gaetano's little head bop!

Techno is taking over. Period.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by hardtekfunk:

Galit (pronounced: GAAAAALEET)
seee, tommy and i had a big discussion about this, because I thought it was Dalit!!! damn.

oh well, Im sure once she realizes what a goof you are she'll come runnin... *wink*


Par- T

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Almost didn't make it to this event, my problem for thinking I could relax for a bit prior to heading out and not fall asleep. Finally made it to Turbo at 1:00 to find no line - cool.
Got to hear only a bit of Adam Marshall before Gaetek hit the decks. I thought it was just me, but I wasn't feeling his set at all for the first hour or more. I don't think I've ever just stood around or even sat down so soon into an evening. The tracks just weren't doing it for me. Even a few botched mixes and uninteresting selections, whole periods of *yawn* just bass.
Things improved for the second half and I found a groove as well a place to park myself to properly hear all the nuances - immediately in front of the speaker (earplugs are the only way to go). There, I proceeded to dance myself into a frenzy, for which I am still paying the price today (damn my legs feel rubbery). Someone even asked if I breakdance!!! - umm ... NO.
All and all a fairly good night right to the end and the couple of encores to finish it off proper.

Nice to see all the regular tech-heads and lots of TBK out to support. BTW did the "Net meet" happen? Cause I didn't meet anyone who I didn't already know for some time now, not even the one who wanted the meet - who were you fattyp? Next time I guess.
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