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G20 security reviewed after Ottawa bank firebombing

Discussion in 'Politics (deprecated)' started by judge wopner, May 19, 2010.

  1. judge wopner

    judge wopner TRIBE Member

    clearly the person or person's who did this were no more than violent sociopaths with no connection be it real or imaginary to a left-wing anarchist group. ;) such groups bear no resemblance to the ideology of left wing movements which seek communal peace and equality much like right wing ideology embodies liberty and freedom..... blah blah blah

    G20 security reviewed after Ottawa bank firebombing

    OTTAWA — Canada’s banks are reviewing their security arrangements for the G20 summit next month after the firebombing of a bank branch in Ottawa.

    Financial institutions have been preparing for months for the summit that will close off main streets in the financial core of Toronto at the end of June.

    But now that anarchists — who claimed to have firebombed the Ottawa bank — are vowing to take their brand of protest to the summit, the Royal Bank says it has to consider ramping up security.

    The Canadian Bankers Association says its members have already developed detailed security plans, working with police and property managers.

    But a spokesperson said the escalation of violence signaled by the Ottawa firebombing has put the association’s members on alert.

    Ottawa police say they are investigating all leads in the firebombing case, but are still a long way from laying charges.
  2. praktik

    praktik TRIBE Member

    Looking to continue our conversation?? ;P

    Cause the italics is the way I often interpreted your position on islamic and right-wing terrorism.

    In fact, I think the biggest thing undergirding all of them is the Manichaean worldview and the sense (per Hofstadter) that they are "manning the barricades" as civilization faces the precipice.

    Acts such as these cannot be derived to a single source, and I'd say that mixed in with their sociopathy (the contours of which are important and as of yet unknown to us, though we may discern a "type" as we learn more) there is always going to be an element of political ideology and a journey they've taken, imbibing ideas along the way that entrench a growing extremism.

    I'm not looking forward to their antics at the G20 and hope that the crowds can identify these guys quick and prevent being associated with them.
  3. judge wopner

    judge wopner TRIBE Member

    was bored in a meeting and looking for a fight!!!

    this parrots my view of people who claim to commit violence in the name of islam but bear little if any resemblance to actual islamic extremists, and have done little if any material preparation such as study in a madrassa known for extremist beliefs, attend training camps or display a willingness to die for ones cause to reach paradise. yes those people are to me mentally ill people suffering from Grandiosity, who would have chosen the identity of a napoleon (a la bugs bunny cartoons) 50 years ago but now can choose from a host of extremist templates even if they fit in ethnicity only.

    i dont it will be obvious who such groups are amidst the mass of regular protestors.

    and i agree that few if any adopt far left/right ideology without an underlying belief that it is necessary becuase of a perception that the world/state/community is in dire straights. the archetypal binge and purge theme so common in history.
    Last edited: May 19, 2010
  4. atbell

    atbell TRIBE Member

    ... don't think ...?

    I bet they won't have any books, will be covering thier faces, and might have improvised armor.

    I think I might be in town to do some anarchist spotting for the G20, should be a blast ... he he he.

    I think it's a pretty big stretch for violent anarchist organizations to claim any kind of legitimacy when they target a single company and a Canadian one at that. Do your homework anarchist types, find people responsible for problems, put together documentation and start the legal persuits of the accused. There are people who should be charged out there but throwing fire isn't going to do anything other than help them get away. After all, the LOCAL aproach to dealing with miscreants is to try them by a jurry of thier peers, not to throw fire bombs at branch offices run by people with no power to make decisions.

    As for guilt ... that's why we have courts. Calling for charges is as much as a population can really do if they still adhere to civil society.

    Of course if that's not the case, as a number of anarchists might claim, then they better be using glass they made in thier own kilns, cloth they wove themselves after picking it from the cotton plantations, soaked in gas they distiled themselves ... because all of this wouldn't be around without the structure they claim to distain.

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