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G20 Cop Found Guilty Of Assaulting Nobody


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G20 verdict: Toronto cop guilty of assault with a weapon | CTV News

The Toronto police officer accused of using unnecessary force during the arrest of G20 protestor Adam Nobody has been found guilty of assault with a weapon, a judge ruled Thursday.

Const. Babak Andalib-Goortani, who was caught on video using his baton on Nobody after he was wrestled to the ground by police at a G20 demonstration three years ago, had pleaded not guilty to the charge.

In testimony earlier this summer, Andalib-Goortani said he used his baton because Nobody was resisting arrest.

Adam Nobody speaks to reporters after a Toronto police officer accused of assaulting him at the G20 summit was found guilty, Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013.

The Crown had argued Andalib-Goortani was overwhelmed by the chaos that day and "lashed out" at Nobody, hitting the then 27-year-old after he was already on the ground.

Andalib-Goortani's lawyer told court his client had witnessed four other police officers struggling to restrain Nobody before he jabbed Nobody with his baton three times.

But Judge Louise Botham said a police officer "is not entitled to use unlimited force to affect an arrest."

Botham said Andalib-Goortani’s explanation of why the baton was used is simply an “after-the-fact attempt to justify his blows.”

"I accept that in a dynamic situation, arrests need to occur quickly and officers may well need to use force to ensure that happens," she said. "(But) even on the defendant's evidence, the resistance offered by Adam Nobody was minimal."

A photo of Nobody's torso taken not long after the G20 protest shows three bruises on his right side. The bruises could have been caused when Nobody fell to the ground when he was tackled, Dr. Christopher Milroy testified earlier this year.

As Thursday's verdict was read, Nobody clapped in the courtroom.
Asked if he was satisfied with the verdict, Nobody later said that he still had a lot of work ahead of him.

"There’s still… other officers who beat the crap out of me that day," Nobody told reporters. "I’m still after them…. I have civil action, plus there's a police tribunal."

According to Mike McCormack, president of the Toronto Police Association, Andalib-Goortani is "very distraught" and "very crushed by this decision."
"We're going to have counsel go over it (the verdict) and then if there are grounds for appeal, we'll be taking that avenue."
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It was a friend of mine's video which was the main source of evidence. Glad to see this come to be.


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Sacrificial lamb.

Bill Blair, Dalton Mcguinty and Stephen Harper are the real criminals in this one.

But a small victory none the less.

Keep on hiding behind the uniform and badge boys!
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Suing the police these days is almost like winning the lottery,

they've made a few millionaires lately


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Cop guilty of G20 assault
- served no jail time.
- docked five days' pay.
- still is a cop.

retired judge Lee Ferrier who heard his case ruled Toronto police Const. Babak Andalib-Goortani "has already paid too large a price for his misdeed."