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G-FresH - " WTF is a WeekDay..? "


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Hey everyone, been about a year and a half since I recorded anything and thought it was time to do something about it.

I don't have it up to download or stream. So if anyone wants a copy my msn is g_fresh18@hotmail.com add me, email me your address or Pm me.

G-FresH - "WTF is a WeekDay..?"

Track List

1. Mike Monday - That Shit Was... - Rip Records
2. Olav Basoski - Down With it - Work
3. Angel Alanis - Bitches and Drum Machines - InStereo
4. Mark Almaria - Get Down - Ammo
5. Jay Walker/David Garcia - The Get Down - Moonshine
6. GenderFix - Frisky LiL Devil - Bugeyed
7. HCCR - Keep Your Head Up - Subliminal
8. Spek Freks - MindGames - Bugeyed
9. Chris Anderson - Get On Up - Free
10. Hatiras - Chaos Bringer - White
11. Chris Anderson - OverDose - Catalyst
12. Ty Tek - Killing me - Dirty Blue
13. Steve Murano - Passion - Kontor

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Hey Dave wheres my cd still? Oh and my sour keys and my chicken schwarma?

I feel awful for the poor post man if you mailed it cause thats gotta be some nasty chicken by now.