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FYRE Festival Pitch deck

Stop Bill C-10


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Slide 29 is amazing

"Our 360 methodology allows to capture brand revenue in a unique manner"

The real bold, innovative method to "allow to capture" more revenue is a stroke of genius in four steps:

Understand Brand Goals -> Ideate -> Conceptualize -> Execute

So you Ideate before you Conceptualize??

I always get those two mixed up - these guys got it down though.

Fuck me - sometimes i wonder if I should stop working on real problems and just do up shit slides for bullshit ideas for money. Clearly there are a lot of shitty people out there that need help lol.
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What an amazing display of incompetence. I'm pitching this for the first episode of my new show

MTV Cribs: One Year Later (Back in my momma's basement).