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FYI: Waldorf Microwave XT for sale - $650

Cheap Ego

TRIBE Member
Thought I'd just add a note for those here that don't frequent the BS forum.

Fourty Four dials of goodness here, folks! for only $650, or ten easy payments of $65! (all payments to be made at time of purchase)
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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great synth. what are you moving into... what are you going to use instead of that synth?

Have you messed with the "random" function much on that machine? it's pretty cool to use that as a starting point and then hone it into something more expected.

Did you make alot of patches on it or did you just stick with tweeking the ones in the synth already?

Cheap Ego

TRIBE Member
I'm actually scaling back, hardwarily speaking. sold my Virus B, my 8 x 8 soundcard and now selling the Waldorf in order to pay for a TC Powercore and Virus software. And for my purposes which are more casual and do not warrant that much programming depth, this setup works quite nicely.

I have played with the randomizer, and I remember you mentioning it when you once dropped by! It's definitely the cat's orange ass.

The patch builder/archiver was another function I never took advantage of. I tweaked the patches plenty but never sat there and wrote patches. I'm not a 'write patches' kinda guy. I'd only use a synth when I'm hashing out a tune.. either I find something as close as possible to what I'm looking ATM for and go from there, or explore other patches, looking for new inspiration. But never sitting down and programming the thing at patch level, and I think that's why it hasn't sounded nearly as good in my hands, compared to what other people could do with it.

Mike Goodwin

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The powercore virus is a nice sounding synth. I am slowly getting my head around it. I am not sure why but I find the interface to be very hard to understand. I bought it because I love the way it sounds but I have not used it as much as I thought I would. Now reaktor5 on the other hand..... GEEZ! :eek: