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Future Shop Online Boxing Day Sale is GHEY!!


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So instead of dragging my ass out of bed to buy something at Future Shop doorcrasher style - which means getting nooo sleep to line up early,

I decided to buy online this year. The item is the Panasonic 27" TV, and it's listed at $150 off.

So I go online at 12:00, the Futureshop page is not up yet, then it finally comes up at ~12:20. The item is NOT on sale, even though the intro page says 'ALL TVS ON SALE'.

So I click on the item, and it says 80 left. I try clicking on buy to see if the problem will correct itself. It will not. I wait longer, and then about an hour later it says there are 43 left. So frig, I decide I'll buy it and call them to correct it.

The site is fuct, and slow as hell, (right now) and I'm on motherfucking dial up at my parents up north. So I keep getting web page errors. I call the 1.800 number. I fall asleep with the cheese elevator music in my ear, and get awaken by a voice, "Hello, Future Shop...." , a half hour has elapsed.

I explain how the newspaper says $150 off, but the price/purchase online doesn't go through as such. The guy puts me on hold again, and comes back to tell me that the servers are being taken down and put back online to deal with problems and traffic, and in a nutshell says that I have to call back when the page gets corrected, to make sure I get the discount, or else if they get sold out, I could be fuct if I don't call back soon enough.

When you click on "All TVs on sale" the black side bar lists the TV as $150 off.

So I'm back on hold. This is bullshit, it's now 3:30, I'd rather freeze my ass off in line.
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So I call back about the side bar listing the price and am told the order will be adjusted manually. *crosses fingers*

Apparently the web center is swamped.

For the 4 hours I've spent online I woulda been first in line up here!! :mad:


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i want to buy the gameboy advance... but I really should use the money for something else.

some of the tv's are a pretty good deal.

they a crappy MD player that sold out very quickly. $119.00
great price... but the MD isn't that great.
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Originally posted by [- FuNKtiOn -]
my question is why the boxing day sale isnt taking place on boxing day?

Their servers are located just west of the international date line, which means it's boxing day there already.


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I bought my digi cam no prob... and 48'' flatscreen tv LCD or whatever it's called:rollseyes:... it's the rents'... meh
I prefer shopping in person..

wait a minute.. it's christmas day.. everything is closed!! :D hah

jus me

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at least you guys got through~! :p

i only can get as a far as the main page. whenever i click on the menu, that's the end of it for me.

case sensitive

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The in-store Boxing Day deals for computers are hot, I just hope people show up at my work instead of BestBuy, but who knows really. Regardless, 6am to 6pm is not something I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

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