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Future Music Festival '06, Sydney, Australia


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Aussies love their massive outdoor parties and with good reason ... even when thunderstorms are predicted by noon the sun is always shining. Which is what happened yesterday for a huge outdoor party held at the Randwick racetrack in Sydney. Expensive tickets though (as per usual in Sydney)- early birds were $75 and regular entry was $95. There were six stages / areas set up the largest being the Subliminal stage...


... then the Godskitchen arena...

... also Global Underground had a large room, and local promoters held a breaks area for Air Recordings, a Bang Gang DJs roon and a Young Guns arena. There was about 50 DJs spinning from 12 noon until 10 pm in 6 different areas so it was impossible to do it all.

To name a few of the heavies;

Steve Angello, David Guetta, Erick Morillo - Subliminal stage
Armin Van Buuren - Godskitchen arena
Lee Coombs, Kid Kenobi - Air stage
James Lavelle, Max Graham - Global Underground room
Bang Gang DJs, Van She - Bang Gang room
bunch of dudes I don't know in - Young Guns Arena :p

This was a very well organised event with loads of water stations and free suntan lotion, plenty of friendly racetrack workers cleaning up after us filthy kids and - a rare thing for such events - lots of clean well-maintained bathrooms. There was a huge air conditioned room to cool off in, tons of bars with reasonable prices ($5 for beer) and displayed on monitors all over were random real-time videos of the different areas.

Michelle aka Mrs. Quimby, Vote Quimby, Aussie Paul & Evelyn warming things up ...

I mainly stuck around the Subliminal stage as Steve Angello and Erick Morillo were spinning there. Also I think it had the best atmosphere as it was outdoors (so a bit cooler) and had a large crowd at all times. I love how excited Aussies get about big DJs - throw on an anthem and the crowd goes wild. Pretty exciting at times. Musically, I can't say I was blown away by anyone - much of the sets I saw were anthem-packed to please the mixed bag festival crowd.
some cracka...

I was psyched to finally see Steve Angello ...

...but he was not as interesting as I expected and pulled out a few big old tunes like Prodigy's Smack My Bitch Up. I was so glad to hear Buy Now - For Sale as his last track but then Morillo played it again, then Shamus who opened for Morillo at the after party did too and then Morillo played it AGAIN at the afterparty. Overkill!

David Guetta stepped up and delivered a good set of non-stop anthems ...

... the crowd loved him though. I'm a huge sucker for Just a Little More Love so that was a treat to hear. Erick Morillo was last up from 7 - 10 pm and it was a pleasure as always to see his huge smile and feel his contagious energy. When he threw out Sexy Lady the crowd went off - I took a small video clip of that and watching it now so brings back the moment :) I did check out the other stages and did not see anything that caught my attention. Lee Coombs had a good crowd for his set and for the 10 minutes I was there it was alright. Armin van Buuren in the ghostly Godskitchen arena was a sausage fest of gurning tranceheads. LAZORZ! Back to Morillo to watch the sun set behind him and when he announced his afterparty at Arthouse - a gorgeous club downtown - me and my remaining two friends knew we had to hit that up too. Of course thousands of others had the same idea but somehow, miraculously, we stream out of the racetrack grounds with the hordes and a bus going downtown pulls up beside us :0 we stare at each other for a sec and then piled on. Got into the afterparty without too much trouble and enjoyed a couple drinks before steeling ourselves for another 5 hours of dancing. Not the best set I've seen from Morillo (definitely a bummer to hear so many repeats of tracks from his earlier set - and I cannot handle Precious Love anymore!). So glad I went though as Paul would have broken my legs if I didn't ... ha :p It was a pretty chilled afterparty crowd considering many of us had been at it since noon.

Anyway my apologies for the long-windedness and lack of creative writing skills here ... I am pretty exhausted after 15 hours non-stop, but at least I have some pictures, right? :)
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David Guetta ...


Aussie Paul ...

sunset at Air - Lee Coombs

Armin van Buuren, ok just LAZORZ!

Sun setting behind Morillo...
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if there is one thing Aussies are good for... they know how to have a party!

There's rarely anything like that on this side of the planet.


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Well trance isn't my thang ... but he was fine for the 10 minutes I watched him & the crowd of fucked up dudes in a haze of smoke and lazers. He mixed in U2's Where the Streets have no name (no vocals) and there was quite a nice reaction. Funny timing too, as less than half an hour later outside at the subliminal stage Morillo dropped it with the vocals and it was an entirely different vibe with the crowd singing along and the sun setting.