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***Furnitures for SALE*** CHEAP


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Originally posted by sugar
I'd be interested in having a look at the two chairs, if they're not already sold.

we have these in my dads store...

great chairs....awesome color.....comfy and look gooood!!
Pick em up!!

great price
Stop Bill C-10


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any one who has one of the EXPEDIT Bookcases know about how many records it holds? less than 1000? more than 1000? about how many per cube thingy

also Lexicon are the spaces on the LACK Shelving unit big enough to fit records?


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Originally posted by The Electrician

omg.. I have to get one... I have WAY TOO MANY records... but eerily not enough...

Yeah its like the rumor I had heard from everyone about IKEA not having "The Jerker" desks anymore ... yeah like they are gonna discontinue some of their best selling items!

They do have Expedit bookcases I was just there recently ... to the person who was asking they hold about 17 crates worth. They have 16 sections but each one is slightly larger than a crate. I imagine that's gotta be around 2000 recs?


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Originally posted by channi
also Lexicon are the spaces on the LACK Shelving unit big enough to fit records?

Yes channi, the LACK Shelfing Unit does fit records. ;)

So far, the EXPEDIT Bookcase has been sold.
The rest are still up for sale. All HAVE TO GO.

Interested parties, kindly email me aaron_k<nospam>@hotmail.com


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PANASONIC GAOO 28" TV up for sale.


Not actual photo. But looks very similiar to this one.

Asking Price: $650, bought for CAD$1100 plus Tax.
Less than 2 yrs old.
There is some scratch marks at top right corner of TV.
If you wanna view it personally, please email me. :)
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Originally posted by dj Red Turtle
Aaron really takes good care of his belonging. I can vouch for that :). The furniture is all still in immaculate condition.

I second that Motion with crystal clarity.

Merry Christmas!!