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Funny Funny thread,. ba ha ha


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wow.... what animosity
I had to stop myself at 5 pages...

... You're the reason why the term the term "recording engineer" holds no credentials now. Its people like you who think they know it all because the box says "your own studio" or something a long those lines that are ruining the industry.
Originally posted by the guy requesting "Expert sugguestions on an advanced guitar recording setup" in his thread title:
... soon assholes like you will be bagging Mr., cuz you wont have anymore clients (if your an engineer) due to your ego being too large for your own good. ... Musicians would rather have their own sound, NOT YOURS.

...these 'so-called' engineers (market whores in reality) come in and try to tell you how 'it should be done'...

...I've tried it 'their way' and it completely SUCKS.

I think that somes up the conflict...

docta seuss

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Syntrillium is saying that compression can be used to keep an input from clipping.

Your inferior thought process is not translating that correctly. I bet it comes out as something like "COMPRESSION GOOD, DYNAMICS BAD" before you get distracted by something shiny.

You're a disgrace to humanity, and should be shot before you reproduce.
I think it is in your best interest to find another hobby/career, like moving objects from one spot to another. Something with a shallow learning curve and minimal mental processing. I'd suggest bagging at a grocery store, but the whole "Don't put the squishy things under the heavy things" might be a bit much.


funny, but a total waste of time.. i only got as far as the second page.


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i just read the first few pages. i think that jjwhatever guy must be trolling. i mean, who can get so much information so completely wrong?


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he's a total troll....

the first three responses are actually
non-confrontational.... and his replies
are totally "you don't know shit for shit"

so kudos for him on a job well done.

(ps --> i didn't make it past the fifth post,
let alone 2 pages)
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This made it to 32 pages and it ended by him getting kicked out of the forum.
After racist slander and one insult after another, what a loser, he really doesn't know shit and it's so said he thinks he does.


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I just don't understand how a person asking for an opinion is not open for suggestions. Why ask in the first place?


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i bet you the JP22 guy is the guy who engineered nickelbacks albums


this is probably his only form of release after listening to that feces all day