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(funny) fake ravers dupe tv station


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Many years ago in Tampa the city council was fighting the good fight against all night rave partys, saying that these were just a excuse or whatever to distribute and recieve drugs.

One of my friends at the time worked for a local news station that wanted to do a report on good ravers who didnt do drugs, so they asked since he was a young buck if he knew anyone and naturally he said yes. The next day he calls up a few friends asking if they wanted to be ravers for a news story...

"Hey Jeff, It's Brian. How would you like to be a raver?" he then proceeds to explain the situation and proceeds with "I told them I knew a couple of friends who are ravers so I wanted to see if you want to do it." I of course tell him that I have absolutely no idea what ravers do, say, or act like. He told me "It doesn't matter, just put on something ridiculous and dance around a bit, they have no idea either so whatever you do is what they will think ravers do" So I agreed and called up P.R. Jason who was of course game for something this ridiculous. A few hours come by and Brian Roberts and the news crew show up here at the house. I dress up like a complete and total idiot, and bullshit my way through 10 minutes of questions on a subject I have ABSOLUTELY no knowledge of. Jason of course then gets his turn, and goes on and on about how this is a vendetta by bob buckhorn (city councilman, and sponsor of the new lap dance ban, a real class act) against kids having anything to do, and what's the point of taking a place that's a central location away from them if they will just go do it anyway somewhere else. The reporter then asks him about his hair and why it's pink. Jason goes off in a tangent similar to "Because it's not ugly like your hair. I mean it's brown, the color of dirt, why would I want to walk around with something on my hair that looks like dirt?" and so on. Apparently this upsets the reporter (she was pregnant, so maybe some crazy hormone imbalance kicks in) and when she gets back to the station begins to complain to her news manager about the insults and he then insults her and tells her that if she can't take a small insult from some kid she has no business being a reporter, and she comes close to crying. One of the funniest parts of this whole story, is the fact that with a news crew of a camera man, reporter, and 2 EYEWITNESS NEWS vans outside the house, my parents never even noticed what was going on until they were watching the news and saw me
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"...2 ravers who like to dance tilll dawn"

*cuts to hopping in the ridiculous outfit*


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deep, i expect you to hunt for photoshops of this guy.

I see Bubb Rubb written all over this.
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Subsonic Chronic

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Originally posted by defazman
sometimes I really wish I had a sound card at work.
What the one dude was saying wasn't nearly as funny as what the other dude was wearing. Leading up to it was the typical "some kids party late at night at these "raves" and some even do DRUGS" news bullshit.