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Funny Cartoons

tribe magazine legacy photo exhibit
tribe magazine legacy photo exhibit


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It's funny though....I've been reading most of these comics for about 3 years now (those that have been around) and it's cool seeing how each artist has improved quite a bit.


and now....


da MiGHTy pLUm!

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It's interesting to see how much Fred has developed as an artist through the years. It's also interesting to see how Megatokyo's changed since Rodney left. It went from something somewhat like Penny Arcade to something with a solid back story that carries over from page to page with each update. Though I don't feel Fred is the best artist around, he has been able to hold his own and create something unique for both gaming and anime fans. It's also quite an achievement for a web comic to be able to see press as well since most just stay strictly an online format.
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