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Funky Deep House - illscience - Miami Countdown wk III


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http://www.djillscience.com/mixes/illscience - Miami Countdown Wk 3 - 03 13 06.mp3

2 is One - Undercover Agency - Seasons Recordings
Push Dis - Kinkey Movement - Drop
Family Business (Jizzy's Savory Roast Potatoes Redid) - Special Forces & Jason Hodges - Blockhead Recordings
Roka - Kinkey Movement - Drop
Slater Hogan & Chuck Daniels - Tostidos (Daniels & Hogan's Late Nite Munchies mix) - Grab
Louie Vega - Mozalounge (Jazz N Groove dub) - Vega US
Miguel Migs - Check This Out - Salted
Bryan Jones - Jackmaster Jazz Jockey - Blackcherry
Jazzy Eyewear - Unknown - Noric Traxx (white)
Cpen - Mystery Jazz EP - Memorabelia
Fred Everything - Bucky Done Thing - White
Closer - Kinkey Movement - Drop
Fred Everything - Studio C - OM
Johnny Fiasco - All Night - Tonic

Put this mix together on Sunday night as a part of the Miami countdown series (yes, I'm a little behind :) ).

Big ups from the west coast!


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No shit -- you're alive! Been a while since I've heard a mix of yours -- I'll be sure to catch up with this and others on your site. :)