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Funky breaks mixes here....


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Check out some of my recent funky breaks mixes below....

Mixes includes artists like Featurecast, A-Skillz, Kraak & Smakk and Fuzzbox.

Hope you like!

Citybeat Radio mix

Funky Breaks Sessions #3

Quincy Jointz' - Lime Sorbet Radio Show

NSB Radio mix

Check out my Myspace page too


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Lebrosk's Ramp FM Show (May 2009) link and tracklist

If you missed the show, here's the link and tracklist for it... It's partly mixed and has some new releases and old classics and also some white labels in there too.


Do you wanna get Funky (Long mix) - C&C Music Factory
Pushin On - Quantic Soul Orchestra
Jimmy Riccard (remix) - Saxxon
Grandmaster Flash - Can I take you higher?
Poppa Large - Audited Beats (white label)
Girls Like u - US3
Intergalactic (Lebrosk funky breaks rework) - Beastie Boys & Barry Lipman
Afrofunk (Quincy Jointz remix) - Timewarp Inc
Funkaholic - Badboe
Vibrationz - Tom Drummond (white label)
Gypsy Breaks (Spark Arrester remix) - Basement Freaks
Lets Funk - Quasamodo
That's Right - Basement Freaks
Bring the noise - Public Enemy & Anthrax vs Lee-Jo (white label)
Extraball (Breakbot remix) - Yuksek
Kilometer (A-trak remix) - Sebastian Tellier
Oh Please - Barney
To cool for School - Don Diablo
Lipstick and Coconuts (Funkanomics vs. CMC & Silenta Remix) - Tom Replay (white label)
Circle Kid (Badboe remix) - Funkaholics
Lindsey Lohan's Revenge (Lebrosk bootleg) - Pase Rock & Malente)
All the girls get up (Mr Andersonic remix) - Nate Dogg
Zombies (Original) - Ursula 1000
S-Hook (Stanton Warriors VS Deadmau5) - Elvis of Dallas

Fuxxbox Guestmix
Nick Thayer & A-skillz - Skooby Snax - Insane Bangers
Fort Knox Five - The Wonder Strikes Again (Jon Ohms Remix) - Fort Knox Recordings
FK5 - RK Bootleg
Fuzzbox INc - Blow - Goodgroove Records
Cuban Brothers - Lights Out (Fuzzbox INc Remix)
Crooklyn Clan - DJ A.M Remix
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Lebrosk's Ramp FM Show (June 1009)

Download link...

Lebrosk tracklist
Saharan Break - DJ Medhi
Old Skool Party - Blackline DJ Team (white)
I know you got Ooh Wee! - Lebrosk (white)
I can't Stop - West Street Mob
Pass Your Oochie - FK1000 (white)
California Soul - Big M Bootie
Get Away (Original Mix) - DJ Kid Stretch
How G is the party - Funktomas (white)
Long Doob Running - Stickybuds (Good Groove)
Soul Changes 4 my people - DJ Not I (white)
You don't Know (Kraak & Smaak remix) - Smoove & Turrell
Make Em Breaker Beats - Lebrosk (white)
I'm Ready to shake - Controller 7
Drop - Lebrosk bootleg (white)
Disko - Burns
Disco Disco Disco - Don Diablo
I'm a rope (Yuksek remix) - Unknown
Housemusic is life (Funkanomics remix) - Divided Souls
Raindrops (Louis La Roche remix) - Basment Jaxx
Nifty Nights (DJ Friction remix) - Dublex Inc
Big Buttz (Tom Cruz boot) - Tom Drummond (white)
Groove is in the Ghetto - Jon Ohms (white)
Rump (Originalk mix) - Ursula 1000
NASA Music - (LA RIOTS vs REL1 EDIT) (white)
Auto Crash Temp Test - DJ Not I (white)
Shake - Loo & Placido (white)

Audfited Beats Guestmix...
Nubian Crackers-jazzzy old school dub
show biz and AG-soul clap
Badboe-what ya wanna do
audited beats-freak hop part 3
Mr.Fudgesickal-Mash the right thing
Fort knox-FK Strut-Qdup FOundation Remix
JPOD-The Saviour
Bassbin Twins-Different Beats
zilla rocca-nada-dj apt one remix
positive force-people get on up
roots manuva-colossal insight
Neighbour-Night Owl-AGFA REmix
the breakbeat junkie-Get Dat Boogie
russ cuban-lights out-Nick Thayer remix
Audited Beats-bring it


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If you missed the show, here's the download link and tracklisting......

Download link...

Brick & Stop - Commodores VS Q-Tip (DJ BootOX)
C! Tribute - Eric Rug
Could you be Kick Pushed Loved? - DJ Axel
Dance - Bushy
Ch-Ch-Check it out! (All Good Funk Alliance remix) - Beastie Boys
ABC in Central Park (Krafty Kuts VS Jackson 5) - Zamali
Wise Words 2 Live by - Quasamodo
Back by Dope Demand VS Jump Around - Cut Up Brothers mashup
Champion feat. Kanye West - Nick Catchdubs remix
Jump (Blackline edit) - Kriss Kross
No Fun, No Funk - DJ Moule
Party Lick-a-bles - Bootsy Collins & Fayboy Slim
Superbad - The Sly Players
Di it Y'all - Badboe & Prosper
Rescue Me - Funk Thomas
Work That Sucka (Calagad13 remix) - Pale the Kid
Slynk & Tom Drummond - Wild Style
Who Da Funk - Nick Fonkynson
Bodyshine - The Sly Players
I Can't Stop (The Wiseguys remix) - West Street Mob
Lets Get Together - Saxxon
Move your body (Funkanomics remix) - BK Duke, Yves Murasca
Sweet 16 - Thunderheist
Stop Don't Stop - Unknown
Merrymaking at my place (Mr Oizo remix) - Calvin Harris
It's a mans mans world (Regrooved by Parker) - James Brown
DeeBeePlanes (DunProofin mashup) - M.I.A

Rhino Soulsystem Guestmix
Dublex Inc. - Nifty Night (DJ Friction Soulsonic Remix)
Greenwood Rhythm Coalition - Hollywood Thing
Sabo & Zeb - Over the Ocean
Funktomas - Dancing Machine
Manmade feat. Penny - Supersonic
Profesor Angel Dust feat. Mucho-Muchacho - Oye Como Va
Funktomas - Magic Carpet Rave
DJ John - It takes two to Kiss
Big M Bootie - Burnin Boogaloo
Mr. Konfuze - Sabu's Delight
Rebel Crew - Boogaloo Bizniss
James Brown - Mind Power (Regrooved by Basement Freaks)
US3 - Cantaloop (Funkymix 99)
UZI - Pimp
Zeb Roc Ski & Stieber Twins - Breakers Revenge 93
Fredboy and the butterscotch pancakes - Jazz Attack 2
West Rock Woods - Love Cats



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Lebrosk's 'Funk Sessions' on Ramp FM - Aug 2009

Good Girl (A-Skillz remix) - Grinny Grandad
Quincy-Ty - Atemi & Pat
Chillin' (Nacey remix) - Wale & Lady Gaga
I know you got Ooh Wee! (2009) - Lebrosk (bootleg)
Party Break - Niko
Zulu Freeze Frame (Breakbeat Junkies Disco Hustle edit) - Rockmaster Rus B
Unknown - DJ Hawkeye
I am Somebody - DJ Medhi
Charlie Brown (DJ Medhi mix) - Ghostface Killah
Super Too Short (bootleg) - Nick Thayer
99 Problems (Lightyear remix) - Jay-Z
Eat a Pork Chop - Stickybuds
Strange Enough (Mr Oizo remix) - N.A.S.A
Rock It - Fuzzbox Inc
Diggin the Free Mind - Big M Bootie
Shake Up! - Funktomas
Don;t Stop til you get enough (Regrooved by The Sly Players) - Michael Jackson
I want you back (Regrooved by The Basement Freaks) - Michael Jackson
My Style (Super Cool) - Badboe
Cantaloop (Jazzy Funk remix) - US3
Dancing Machine - Funktomas
She came along - Resources
Lose your love - Nacey
We gonna work it out (Basement Freaks & DJ Kid Stretch) - Beyonce (bootleg)
How to start a band (remix) - Fort Knox Five
Super Disco - Parker
You're the Fool - Slynk
Romeo - Neighbour
Bulletproof (Y.A.L.L remix) - La Roux
Charlie Brown (Orgasmic remix) - Ghostface Killah
Rain Dance (Funkanomics remix) - Pulpfusion
Black, White & Ginger (remix) - Grinny Grandad

Breakbeat Junkie Guestmix...

The Breakbeat Junkie - A Large Breath (Unreleased)
Michael Jackson - Bad [regrooved by The Captain] (Goodgroove)
Pale The Kid - Work That Sucker [Calagad13 remix] (Breakbeat Paradise)
Grandmaster Cast - Feel For You (Let's Take Em Back) (Baffin Island Beat Brigade)
James Brown - Superbad [regrooved by The Sly Players] (Goodgroove)
The Breakbeat Junkie - A Journey Into Funk (Aniligital Promo)
The Rubinoos - Breakdown [The Breakbeat Junkies Trip] (Aniligital Promo)
Michael Jackson - Lovely One [regrooved by Slynk & DJP] (Goodgroove)
DJ Wood - Hustle Muscle (Goodgroove promo)
The Captain - The Latin Night Before (Resense)
The Breakbeat Junkie - Turn It Up (Wack Records Promo)
The Breakbeat Junkie - Beat Kickin (Unreleased)
Züm - Take Ya Time (Rinkydink Records)

Download link...


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Here's this months archive of my Ramp FM radio show with a special guestmix from The Basement Freaks

Hope u like!

Download link


It's bigger than Hip Hop - Dead Prez (white)
Paper Planes (Daddydred bootleg) - M.I.A
Pato (feat Kool Kojak) - Unknown
Can I have it like that (promo) - The Basement Freaks
Bonkers (Nick Thayer & DJ Yoda remix) - Dizzee Rascal
Chillin' (The Knocks remix) - Wale
Drop it like it's hot (bootleg) - Snoop Dogg
Blame it on the Boogie (promo) - Phunk Sinatra
Fat Tings (bootleg) - Stereofreakz
Big Booty Girls (bootleg) - Lebrosk
Dangerously Happy - Max Sedgley VS Busta Rhymes
Megahercs - Dan Wilde
Doin our own Dang - Unknown
Superbad (Cain Taylor remix) - James Brown
Linguistics - The Breakbeat Junkie
Ooh La La (DJAliasJY remix) - The Wiseguys
Unknown - Deelite VS Junior Senior
Underneath (B.Team remix) - Tres Geuros
Squeeze me (bmore bootleg) - Kraak & Smaak
Lost Feeling - Visitor
Ja! - Unknown
Flat Beat (Dirtier Funkier remix) - Mr Oizo
5th Symphony (remix) - Wolfgang Gartner
That's Right (Hi Population & Prosper remix) - Basement Freaks
Yo yo Get Funky (Deekline remix) - DJ Fast Eddie
Like a Freak - Tod Terry (bootleg)
Broke ass N**** - DJ Assault
Warjoint - Nick Thayer
Big Up Girl (Original) - Crackerz & Jam
Precinct (Plump DJs remix) - Stanton Warriors

The Basement freaks guestmix...

Basement Freaks - Street Assassin dub
Chris Joss - A Part In The Show (Basement Freaks remix)
Sunsetsoul Presents Da Wiesel -True Skool
Basement Freaks ft Quasamodo - Ya Need A Funky Band
Alien Entertainement - Get Crazy
Ed Royal - hiphop to funk feat. BadKat & Lady Daisey
Smoove & Turrell - I Dont Know
Parker - Shake Down
Basement Freaks - Gypsy Breaks (DjP vs BJ remix)
Erik Rug (Feat Dynamax) - Tribute (L'Aroye & Kÿ Remix)
Badboe - My Bad
Dj Kid Stretch - Get Away
Smoove & Turrell - Beggarman (Basement Freaks remix)
Dj Wood - Groove Me
Dj Prosper & Badboe - 24 miles
Basement Freaks - Thats Right


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This month's show link and tracklist with an EXCLUSIVE guestmix from Fingerlickin's latest signing, Grinny Grandad

Grinny Grandad on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos

(DJ Kid Stretch's minimix will now be on next month's show)

Listen and download here....
Lebrosk - The 'Funk Sessions' on Ramp FM - Oct 2009 - SoundCloud

Lebrosk's Funk Session on Ramp FM - October 2009
Love California - Philly Blunt
Comin' Thru - Charlie 2na
A Large Breath - The Breakbeat Junkie
Brown Paper Dude - DJ Soo
Toot the Dutch - The Stereofreakz
Breakestra - Posed to be (Original mix)
Podtogether - JPod
Drop it like it's hot (Data remix) - Snoop Dogg
Will's Beat - Night Drugs
Dangerous (bootleg) - DJ Angelo
Grip like a vice (Lebrosk bootleg) - The Go! Team
Symphony - Moodbase
The Saviour - JPod
B-Boy Theme - Rory Hoy
Beat Kickin - The Breakbeat Junkie
Take you back - The Breakbeat Junkie & DJ P
No Diggity (Kid Stretch's Disco Mix) - Blackstreet
Bop the boogie Bap - Phunk Sinatra
Night Owl (All good Funk Alliance remix) - Neighbour & Think Tank
Tension (Quincy Jointz remix) - Ursula 1000
Hip Hop to funk (Nick Fonkyson remix) - Ed Royal
Rap to Funk - Moodbase
Feel For You (Let's Take 'Em Back) - Featurecast
Breakfast (Mercury remix) - Le Le
Youth, speed, trouble, cigarettes (Don Diablo remix) - Cassius
We are the people (Nigh Drugs remix) - Empire of the sun
Jump in the pool (Thin white duke remix) - Friendly Fires
Cruel Intentions (Joker remix) - Simian Mobile Disco
Hip Hop (Diplo remix) - Dead Prez
Dedication (Chu's uptowm mix) - DJ Eclipse
Just a little more - CMC & Silenta

Grinny Grandad (Fingerlickin) Guestmix
Tracklist to follow...


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If you want to hear a preview of DJ Kid Stretch's miniguestmix on my next show check out this link here...!

kidstretch - DJ Kid Stretch Mini Mix for Lebrosk Ramp FM Show - SoundCloud

01. DJ Kid Stretch - Untitled Demo
02. Niko - Party Break
03. Blackstreet - No Diggity (DJ Kid Stretch Salsoul Disco Mix)
04. The Breakbeat Junkie & DJP - Rock The Place
05. Lebrosk - Grip Like A Vice
06. Mandmade - Party Block Rocker (Jayl Funk & Stefunk Remix)
07. Phunk Sinatra - Blame It On The Boogie
08. Featurecast - Run For Cover
09. DJ Kid Stretch - Take Me
10. DJ Kid Stretch - Turn The Music Up
11. DJ Kid Stretch - Just Ready To Dance (Umbo Remix)

DJ Kid Stretch (New release on Junodownload.com) on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos


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Latest show now uploaded to Soundcloud page!

This months show includes guestmixes from Philly Blunt (Good Groove, NSB Radio) and DJ Kid Stretch (Good Groove, Warriorz)

Download & listen here

Show tracklist....
The Nodding Song - Widdy
Trippin at the disco - People Under the stairs
Spinning Wheel (Fuzzbox Inc edit) - Shirley Bassey
LLQJ Hiphopbahlua - Quincy Jointz
Ghetto Base (Original mix) - Hayz
Ghetto Base (Nick Fonkynson remix) - Hayz
Rock the beat (Mooqee & Beatvandals remix) - Badboe & Prosper
The dress looks nice on you - Tor Sufjan Stevens
Favela Funk (Alien remix) - Shantisan
Sea Lion Woman (Funkanomics remix) - Feist
Get Up (original mix) - Mr Vaskovski
If u Seek - (DJ Soo bootleg) - Rye Rye
Earthquake (Rory Hoy remix) - Earthquake
Get U home (Alan Wilkis remix) - Shwayze
Riverside (Datadex 2am edit) - Sidney Samson
The Cut (Just a band remix) - Soldout
Under the sheets (Jakwob remix) - Ellie Goulding

Philly Blunt Guestmix
Philly Blunt on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos
Philly Blunt - Philly Blunt - Funk Promo Mix - Nov 2009 - SoundCloud

1. Philly Blunt Intro
2. Philly Blunt - Good
3. Philly Blunt - Lost & Won
4. Philly Blunt - Loves California
5. Philly Blunt - Body Rocker
6. The Beatles - Sgt Pepper (Philly Blunt edit)
7. Philly Blunt - Uncomfortably Dumb
8. Philly Blunt - War

DJ Kid Stretch Guestmix
DJ Kid Stretch (New release on Junodownload.com) on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos
DJ Kid Stretch - DJ Kid Stretch Mini Mix for Lebrosk Ramp FM Show - SoundCloud

1. DJ Kid Stretch - Untitled Demo
2. Niko - Party Break
3. Blackstreet - No Diggity (DJ Kid Stretch Salsoul Disco Mix)
4. The Breakbeat Junkie & DJP - Rock The Place
5. Lebrosk - Grip Like A Vice
6. Mandmade - Party Block Rocker (Jayl Funk & Stefunk Remix)
7. Phunk Sinatra - Blame It On The Boogie
8. Featurecast - Run For Cover
9. DJ Kid Stretch - Take Me
10. DJ Kid Stretch - Turn The Music Up
11. DJ Kid Stretch - Just Ready To Dance (Umbo Remix)