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Funky 4/4 Thursdays @ Milano's


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What a truly awesome thing B-Line Productions have started.

A beautiful combination of breaks, funky house, hard house... friends, strangers, martinis, Corona's. I had a fantastic time. With good reason.

I was in the company of many wonderfully warm and inviting people, the place was very nice, clean, almost posh, with the very comfortable feel of a friend's basement. The music was so enjoyable, started out chill progressed to harder more dancey type music.

not to mention the cheaper than ever cover, FREE for ladies before eleven. What more could you ask for.

deffinitely a night I will be returning to in the future!

~ Johane

...apologies for the disjointed review, it is late for me and I am off to bed :)....
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YES, what a great start to what i'm sure will be a successful night! Started off nicely with the sweet breaks (I think it was Angus from the board? way to go bro, that was a sweet set!) and then on to ruckus for some mad house! the scratching and track selection just got better and better as the night wore on!

great to see so many many people out on a thursday!

great work b-line crew!


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a wonderful night to say the least
thankyou to everyone who came out tonight. i saw alot of smiling faces, hopefully cuz we were doing something right hehe...tribe crew was well represented tonight..much appreicated..also much respect goes out to the dj's- finch, angus (madhatter) i'm sorry i missed your sets but a 13 hour work day just kept going and going and going...a special thanks to number nine and loress for checking da coats...A HUGE HUGE big-ups to RUCKUS for making it all the way down from london, and for laying down some of the sickets, dirtiest, ass jackin house i have heard in this city for a long long time...and that scratchin'? holy shit! to everyone who missed this guy in action..you lost out big time...but fear not..the b-line crew is gonna have him back real soon... check this dude out.. www.djruckus.com

thankyou to everyone who made tonight possible, i'm really to tired to mention everyone right now...i can hear my bed calling me ..
also it was nice to see the whole groovekat crew out...we are steadily getting bigger...welcome j-matt, and wes the electrition..props to our fearless leader joanne.:D

next week- come out and welcome some more of b-line's residents...
Tommy Smalls
James Maggs
5 bucks all night long- ladies free before 11

Smiley Jo

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^^^ Joanne???

Wow, what a fantastic night.
The beats were great from beginning to end, the venue was gorgeous, the vibe was electric and it seemed as though everyone had a huge smile on their face! :D Couldn't have asked for better support on the Opening night, although those of you pulling the early exit styles missed out on a fucking insane set by DJ Ruckus! :eek: Ian described it best.

some of the sickets, dirtiest, ass jackin house i have heard in this city for a long long time...and that scratchin'? holy shit!
I ended up with a CD too, and it's absolutely wikked. Ruckus threw in some really dirty basslines and his tracks were killer. I'm so proud this boy is from London! Props to him for keeping up the energy towards the end of the night.

The Funky 4/4 residents impressed as well, giving the crowd a taste of what this night is all about. Nice work by Finch and Madhatter, and of course to Ian for tossin down a few tracks to close off the evening.

Thanks to everyone who came out, (especially the GrooveKat boyz ;) ) and made the night such a success. I'm looking forward to next week already!! :D

<-- Trying not to be hurt that Ian got my name wrong.. :p
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i concur with Moez said. Milanos is a great, cozy yet spacious venue that was filled with great tunes and a great crowd. and maaaaan, does ruckus ever know how to throw down daaayuum, with silky smooth scratching to boot.

a big cheers to matt and ian for starting this up! i'm lookin forward to next week ;)


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thanks to everyone who came out last night!

it was my first time seeing finch and madhatter and they were both tight. ruckus owned! i'm sure we'll be having him back again.

extra thankyous to everyone who helped us out last night - Loress, Number Nine, and Robb G.

see y'all next week :)


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I wasn't there but I know my boy Ruck would tear it up good.. he always impresses! But from the sounds of it this night will take off. I have yet to check out Milano's and I definitely will now.



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Thanks a lot guys.
You made me late for work, I slept in past 9... doh :D

It was a great night, playing some pool, having a few drinks and seeing lots of smiling friendly faces...

DJ Finch was great, but not what I expected, Jo told me he was gonna spin filtered french house... like WTF JO :)
Madhatter was good for breaks, not the stuff I prefer but some tracks got me moving.
Ruckus was rocking it, that boy can scratch up a storm and was into the music, which I love watching.
Any DJ that boogies all night and throws down a wicked set like that gets mad props in my books.

Ian was great for the few tunes I heard.... I'll have to steal some of his vinyl next time I see his record bag laying around :D If he wont' let me spin back to back with him.

I'll post some pics from last night, later on.


Smiley Jo

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DJ Finch was great, but not what I expected, Jo told me he was gonna spin filtered french house... like WTF JO

Ya, cuz I don't know jack about music!! :p

Finch is a very versatile DJ, and I had no idea which direction his set was gonna take. Given the theme of the evening though, I should have guessed it wouldn't go that way...

Then again, apparently I have a pretty hard time thinking for myself... LIKE WTF KENNY!! :p

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Joker FX Cha

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Last night was absolutely wicked, the beatz the people. It was too awesome. I loved it. So good to see so many people I know. Big up's to all. Can't wait to go next week.




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I wish I could have been there!!! I'm sure it was a wikked time... but alas, I have too big an essay to justify going out in the next couple of days...

BUT!!! NExt week for SURE!!!! *Grin*


Joker FX Cha

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*mumbles to self* “well if she’s going I’m not going.”

Sorry Jo, I can’t make it next week either, cuz uh cuz…. *spills water on keyboard* …Jskag545fdjm g ag kqjg djk34a5iyuipqetoh47pdurg 8723 qjkb hsoqp74 akf3 ds64 sh83bfksv dkjd f

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Well Laura, unlike you, I have my priorities straight, and I came out despite having an hour and a half class presentation at 9am the next morning ;)

It's been awhile since I've been to Milano's - and I totally forgot just how nice it is. I think Jo summed it up with the contrast of posh yet basement-like.

The music was great - saw a bit Finch's set, and it was nice. Then the breaks came on, which was nice as it gave me a chance to socialize ;) Then on came Ruckus - I swear to god every time I looked up all I could think was "Fat Albert" - which was a really cool thing, it added some funk to an already funkafied set. I'd heard about his scratching abilities before, but they definetely need to be seen to be appreciated.

Overall, I had an awesome night - If all goes well I'll be back next week to check out tommysmalls and j-mat...


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*LOL* @ joker.... hey its been a LONG time since I've seen YOU!!! this means you HAVE to come out next week! *wink*

yes kevin im glad one of us has the priorities in line *winnnnk*

ps- post pics alex!!



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I also showed up last night, albeit at about 1:15 a.m. and found that numerous people were still representing. Nice to see. Lots of heads had left to sleep and prepare for their friday responsibilities. Fortunately for me, there were still people looking to share shots and listen to the funky sounds of Ruckus. Fun fun fun.

All in all, i spent an hour there, but wish i had been there the whole night. Hopefully next week I'll be able to arrive at a more timely hour.

Cheers, and thanks to Matt and co for throwing the jam. Well done.


Joker FX Cha

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madnezz, Is there something in your eye?

I'll show next week to help you w/ what ever it is that's bothering your eye.

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A few pics from last night... enjoi.

Vinder smiling pretty:

These two are always dancing..


Louie taking a winning shot:

I still aint givin you a tip:

girl friday

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^^^ that's a great shot of the 8 ball, and the blurry portrait of Louie is quite acurate as well although his eyes should be a bit more bloodshot ;)

Had a fantastic time last night s'all about dancin like you be bakin! HAHAHAHA

Thanks to the greatest sports tragedy boys for haulin my lazy ass out last night, it was well worth the trip. Great to see everybody out dancing and having fun, great intimate space as well.


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I spy with my little eye.....

Great tunes, enjoyed madhatter's set, and ruckus threw down some crazy shit.

I have never seen that many Tribe members in one location. I think I saw everyone of you (based on various pictures from the board) - they include - Vinder, Moez, Futronic, TommySmalls, Air-Bag and more.

Looking forward to checking out more Thursday nights.




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Originally posted by OTIS
A few pics from last night... enjoi.

I still aint givin you a tip:

HAHA!!! LORI!!! classic! u went and got my shirt! :D I told u it fits perfect eh???? now u gots something to wear underneath those overalls! hehe......



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a few pix from last nite


:) <---- doesnt she look like that?

futwurKk jazzz

butterfly shane

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