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FunkNstyle Tour


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A 2 part tour covering over 2 months in length with stops across Canada and the USA. Bringing Canadian music to the masses!

The first part squeezed in on the west coast of Canada before Christmas holidays.

Dec.10 - Victoria BC - Short Fuse
Dec.12 - Vancouver BC - Sonar (w/Bad Boy Bill)
Dec.15 - Vancouver BC - The Cellar
Dec.17 - Vancouver BC - TwentyHz @ Lotus (w/Soda)
Dec.21 - Calgary AB - ?? Venue - Armand Van Heldon afterparty
Dec.27 - Toronto ON - Chariles(The Guv) - FOCUS oldschool night
Dec.31 - Hamilton ON - Copper Lounge - NYE
Jan.10 - Toronto ON - Charlies(The Guv) - FOCUS w/Atomic Hooligan

The second part, a journey across Canada and the USA from coast to coast. Locations are CONFIRMED but with no exact date yet. (dates will be added in coming weeks once I figure out the best travelling schedule)

Vancouver BC.
Whistler BC.
Calgary AB.
Regina SK.
Buffalo NY
New York NY
Chicago IL
Seattle WA.
Portland OR.
San Deigo CAL.
Hollywood CAL.
Pinella's Park FL.

Upon returning, FunkNstyle will be releasing a full two disc demo, recorded live while on tour with an optional DVD featuring live footage from the road.

Stay updated with the exact dates for locations mentioned above as they become available and more at www.funknstyle.ca

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You'll have to let me know when your in Regina.

If I'm not working, I'll definately make the drive down.

Miss Michie

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nice one brov!!

wish i could come with ya :)

i wanna go to bc sooooooo bad

hope you have lotsa fun


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The Electrician

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ya phat conductor and I have been thinking about setting up a cross canada tour this summer... We'll rent a van and get like 1 or 2 more djs and go truckin...


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congrats jonny,

that's stellar man, looks like it's gonna be quite the adventure for you.
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stoked about your tour jonnie..
wish i can come.
specially to california.. for sum reason i would love to play there

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Smiley Jo

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Well, it's about time that the rest of the country get a chance to witness the Future of Funk! :D

Congratulations Jonny. :)