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Hey HFX peeps...

I haven't been to Halifax in 3.5yrs but I'm itching to get out of TO for a weekend and a friend said that Donald Glaude and Funkdub and some others are playing at the Marquee on Friday March 26th.

I'm seriously thinking of coming down to visit old friends and hangouts... and you can rarley go wrong with Donald Glaude plus since my first mix tape is a Funkdub one, I'd love to see what he's all about now! :p


What after hours are happening on the Saturday night... I've searched around online but can't find much useful info... Can some one please tell "What's cookin' now" in Halifax?!?! ;)

On the Saturday I'd probably swing by Reflections for the hell of it but would like to go out after that on the Saturday if something is going on!

Hope someone can help me out!

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its been a few years since i partied in hali as well.

i know that there used to be an afterhours type thing going on there. it was sort of a membership thing. or you can tag along wiht someone who is a member. i cant seem to find their website right now. or remember exactly what the name was.

i know that it was something like deep red collective. i iwll keep looking to see if i can find it. also check out ravehalifax.com there are some event listings there i think.


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Yah... ClubRed I think it was... that was after my time there and I had a web address for it but the link doesn't work :( .

I checked ravehalifax.com, but other than club nights there don't appear to be any "afterhours" listed for the weekend I'll be there (25-29th).

Thanks though :)