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Fun police


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Just wondering if anyone remembers these people.

The other day during this flashback i was having i remember these people around the trance party scene in and around toronto who called themselves the fun police. They like went around and kept people safe and prevented wierd e highs etc..

There was also the sherriffs as well

Anyone else remember or was it one of those like flashbacks that dont mean anything like the one i had about me forgetting to turn off the water in the basement. Which did not matter and was a silly flash back.

Oh while on the subject though does anyone know a good plumber around the waterloo area. Seems that someone forgot to turn off the water and our basement is kinda fucked now.
Funny thing actually, I had flashback about that, the other day
what a concidence!!!

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I thought the fun police were the kids/adults who would stop you from having fun.

I.E. "Here come the fun police"


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No that was Captain Bring Down and the Buzz Killers!

Now that you mention it, I could never imagine being called an anything police being positive.

I don't recall ever seeing them, but I mostly went to Jungle parties

Stephen Tremor

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oh dear lord

I admit... I was part of some of these revellings. Quite a bunch of Hamilton party peeps that I knew and still hang with...

liquid adrenaline @ the docks with Derrick Carter... we had DC himself sporting a badge and only god knows the rest of the adventures!


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The only thing I remember about the fun police are those NBA commercials with Kevin Garnett...or maybe i'm just imagining things
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yeh i remember them. are you sure they were called the fun police though? and i don't think it was the trip people