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Fun in the Murky Vinyl Project


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Hello All,

I'm a few days into a new project and would like to share it with those of you local to me. I'm in Hamilton as a lot of you know, but Toronto has been my home in the past and is where I end up when visiting friends or playing.

I've been running Fun in the Murky and Bleep Radio for over a decade now. It was high time to do something new.

So I'm raising funds to release a record!

The fundraising is via Kickstarter. It's all or nothing. If I make the goal, I get what has been pledged to do my thing. If I don't, I get nothing.

If you like the 3 tracks I've had some of my friends make/contribute I would certainly appreciate the help.

Various “Too Stupid To Quit! (Fortunately)” Fun in the Murky 01
A1 – Paul Birken “Take Five Rework”
B1 – Scott Robinson “You’re the Victim”
B2 – TSR “Snoball I Fittan”


Project page:
Fun in the Murky Presents... Music it likes on vinyl! by Trevor Wilkes — Kickstarter

Paul's track is a cover he did of my favourite jazz song. Scott's is a portion of the live-set he put together for my Bleep Radio show, and the TSR track is something Tomas gave me 4 long years ago that I've been sitting on awaiting a purpose for.

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Friday morning I did a 1.5 hour live-stream. The whole stream is solely tracks from the three guys on the EP I'm fundraising for.

Quite fun ;)


Once I'm done writing out the tracklisting, it'll also be available in the dj mix area as a download, soundcloud stream etc.
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stack on stacks of FitM01 vinyl ;)