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FujiFilm 2650 Digital Camera + 128MB memory


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so im moving in with my gf and she already has a digicam, and i just ordered this.. so its brand new with warranty:
The FinePix 2650 features a 2.0 million pixel imager that allows for printing sharp and colorful pictures up to 8 x 10 inches in size.

One of the most competitively priced cameras in its category, the FinePix 2650 is available now for just $249.99 USD, featuring:

Low Power Consumption – The FinePix 2650 is the only camera in its class that can operate on only two AA Alkaline batteries, enhancing the lightweight and compact qualities of the camera.

Optical Zoom – A 3x optical zoom enables consumers to get closer to their subject, even when they aren’t physically able to do so.

Movie Recording – The FinePix 2650 can capture 20 seconds (320 x 240 pixels) of AVI digital video (without sound) at a speed of 10 frames per second, and can store up to 94 seconds on its bundled 16MB xD-Picture Card and up to 12.9 minutes on a 128 MB xD-Picture Card, making it ideal for summer vacations and other family activities.

Video Conferencing – The camera’s new PC-cam capabilities make it the only model in its price-range to offer this multi-functional offering.

I also got 128MB memory card that sells at futureshop for $89.99

Im asking $250 for all of it but im open to any offers. Free xpress shipping with tracking #.
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