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fug! piercing help needed. i lost the bead on my barbell.


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so i bought a new motorcycle on the weekend, and the fucker shook the bead right off during the first ride.
i tried to go back to the place i got the barbell from, but it doesn't exist anymore.

so this is what i need:
a one inch 6g or 4g interally threaded barbell.

this is kind of a specialty item..
what downtown stores or manufacturers make jewelry in house for quick turn around?
the faster the better so i don't have to hurt myself too too much fitting it back in.

ya thanks whatever.


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shanti baba usually has a pretty good selection of popular jewellery styles. i'm assuming you need a straight barbell? no guarantees, but they'd probably have it.
Internally threaded beads are really fucking hard to find, as I found out when Stainless closed down.

I ended up having to leave my barbell with that place on Church (New Passage?) and they actually found one for me (it's really really super small and the guage is unusual), but it took two weeks.


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ah, shit ya. it is a straight barbell.

and mine was from stainless as well, val.
this time i am buying a pair of them.
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i would have preferred just a bead, but as i bought the barbell at stainless i think i am fucked.

so i will need another complete barbell.
i think i have two odd ones now that are missing a bead.
did i say fug?


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You should contact Tom Brazda. He used to own Stainless and has had a couple of studios since. He might be able to order a custom piece for you or even put you in touch with the jewelers he used back in the stainless days maybe?



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o ho ho.
this will call for some unusual tact tomorrow on the telephone at work.

yet another reason to dislike open concept non-hierarchical feminist collectives.
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erm.. that was the idea of going with a major studio like stainless.

the balls for the barbells are made specifically for the guage they are used on, they are not always interchangeable.