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Fuck the NFL

Bernnie Federko

TRIBE Member
Is Ego is the enemy

It's no secret that Aaron Rodgers and former Packers head coach Mike McCarthy weren't the best of friends during their 13 seasons together, but now we have new details, courtesy of Bleacher Report's Tyler Dunne.

The bottom line: I came away from this feeling like Rodgers and McCarthy were equally responsible for undermining what should have been a much more successful era in Green Bay. I also came away more confident than ever that ego is the enemy.

  • According to one Packers employee, if Rodgers thinks he's smarter than you, he won't respect you. And apparently, he didn't think McCarthy was very bright. That's ego.
  • Team sources sayMcCarthy believed his system — not the players — was the foundation for the Packers' success, and he refused to innovate or give younger coaches opportunities because he felt threatened by them. That's ego — and ego is the enemy.