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FUCK Smirnoff


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Pest, you should be called Troll...

Not a very bright one though... most of us see through your petty attempts at doing something with your stupid commments, though of course some like to play with you...
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alexd is confused.

sponsored events are NOT an "underground" rave scene.

they are club-concert hybrids.

you're trying to stop the commercialization of electronic music, which has already begun, and is inevitable.

maybe it's time you moved on to something a little more inaccessible?

noise art?


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You miss what I am saying. Corporate sponsorship is great, IMO, but a line has to be drawn as to what they want to do for their sponsorship. Market research cold calls on Saturday morning are way over the line.

My point is that if we welcome this kind of corporate clipboard shit now (over and above the brand presence)it will become the standard for the future. The people I talked to at the Amsterdam conference reently all said they welcomed the corporate sponsors but drew the line at this kind of stuff.

I agree with them. Why let the corporations begin to dictate the very nature of the events at this early stage when your informed guidance (and years of experience as a partier) to leave the clipboards at home will improve the vibe of the events and make them at least seem more like parties instead of 'young adult' market resaerch petri dishes for brand experiments.

And as for you Pest, go fuck yourself. If you don't like the basic rules this board has always had, leave. Fucking whiner.


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Ah. "Back in tha day" when I started going to raves, it was something that grew out of the young, black and gay party scene. When I'd go to parties, I'd look around and notice that 3/4 of the attendees were either black or gay, or both. As soon as children started coming to raves, and by this I mean people under the legal age for drinking - it didn't matter that there wasn't alcohol at the parties, but they were adult affairs nonetheless - the scene started going downhill. The original crowd went back to their bars and nightclubs and loft parties and bathhouses, leaving behind a mixture of people most of whom never had any idea who created the scene in the first place. I don't think there's been an actual "rave" in Toronto since 1994-5.

Just one person's opinion.
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Temper Tantrum

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I didn't go expecting an underground party. I didn't go expecting a regular club night.

Smirnoff Experience - Top DJ's for 25 dollars (and a hell of a lot of us got in for free and with free drinks at that)...of COURSE there's going to be add campaigns.

I for one had a blast. Good music, didn't cost me shit, and I didn't get approached by any add people all night. If someone with a clipboard had irritated me so what? I would probably have filled out the form. It's no real skin of my back, it takes maybe 20 or 25 minutes of my time. I'm not going to be pissed off at the 'principle' of the thing because hell, I got a great deal for a cheap price.

I like smaller parties for their vibe and their lesser heard good talents, I like things like Smirnoff experience because it's a bunch of big names cheaply (free is always a good price)

I don't think it heralds the 'death of the scene'. Their WILL always be small 200 odd people parties that retain the magic that made so many of us (myself included) fall in love with the scene. I wouldn't take back or change any of the experiences I've had in the last couple of years because they've completely transformed me as an individual and opened my mind and heart to so many people and experiences.

YES the 'rave' culture has moved into the main stream, we saw that in 2000 with Connected in Toronto. Yes corporations are catching on, and we're going to see more marketing towards the scene (coming Dekoze in a bell ad?
) But it's not going to obliterate what's already there, the soul behind the music and the vibe.

It's not dead, it's just different. It doesn't have to be one way or the other, both can co-exist.



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Oh, Alex... someone's gotta be scratching itches.

Like I said, it's one person's opinion - which is really the only opinion that counts, right? Talk about market research!

There's still a scene, it's just not what it was. Can't be, couldn't be.

Temper Tantrum

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by alexd:

And as for you Pest, go fuck yourself. If you don't like the basic rules this board has always had, leave. Fucking whiner.

Werd to the bigbird.



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What's happening in North America, and more specifically here in Toronto, is exactly what happened in the UK a number of years ago...people complain that "Our scenes gonna end up like in the UK!"...if that's the case, bring it on!!!

Events over in the UK are phenomenal...so what if Homelands is sponsored by Ericsson? Just because an event has a corporate name attached to it, shouldn't take away from the party itself...I would love to have the events here in T.O. that they have in the UK...Homelands, Creamfields, Gatecrasher SummerSoundsystem, etc...



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by alexd:
Market research cold calls on Saturday morning are way over the line.

Market research firms are going to call at times when they think you are going to be home. If they got your number at a massive all-night dance party sponsored by a vodka company, they are going to assume that you are not out there go-getting on a Saturday morning and schedule their calls accordingly.

If the promise of a $25 gift certificate is the price you set your privacy and peace of mind at, you don't really have much reason to complain. Don't like it? Flat out refuse to give your number or stretch your imagination and make one up.

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Gavin the Bass

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They can advertise all they want, you're not obligated in any way to buy their product (and honestly, if someone is stupid enough to fall for an advertising campaign as lame as the 'experience' one, they shouldn't even be trusted enough to vote)...

The lineup was solid, the best big-names this city has seen on one flyer in quite a while (and big names don't mean quality, but Dan was tight, the only real reason I went, and I was happy to see Dave Ralph). If you can get over the tacky advertising strung up all over the inside of the venue, it was a fun night.

And there have been comments about the 'vibe' and the crowd that night, both of which I actually didn't mind.

Its a thursday, 35 at the door, most of the people there would have wanted to be there (and I ran into quite a few people who were there for free through work etc.). Yes there were more drunk people than at a 'party', but no more than you'd run into at any night at system or turbo. People were fucked, but when are they not? Its not shocking concidering the size of the event and the lineup.

And honestly, nothing is free in this world, so what do you expect when you give your personal info for a 'contest'?
Its sad if you actually trust the person with the clipboard collecting your info when he/she tells you smirnoffs company policy regarding the privacy of your essentials ("no, it won't be used for consumer research", thats trustworthy)...

Smirnoff can do whatever the fuck they want to try to make you buy their over-sugared vodka product, but you don't have to listen.

Alex is right in that we have to draw the line with corporate sponsorship, but if companies keep up this level of incompotence (lame advertising, inconcideration towards consumers), they'll ultimately destroy themselves with no effort on our part.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Bumbaclat:
I asked them how they got the number. They said I had recently indicated on a survey that I would like to be contacted for such things.

The only place I had given out my cell number for anything was at the door to the Smirnoff Experience for the contest they had running.
I even asked the girl if the info would be used for anything and she assured me no.

Then this morning a call to ask me my opinion about alcohol.


see the italics
that's the point

now maybe adam was "naive", and maybe he wasn't.
but they TOLD him it wasn't going to be used for anything but the contest.
get it?

i never give out my number, always a fake one...always.
if it comes down to it, i'll give out my mom's number or my work number or something like that - which is kind of evil, but that way if it's something real it'll all work out, and if not oh well.
my mom doesn't really care about telemarketers - so it's not that evil.

i wasn't even asked for my phone number for the "contest".
but alex does have a point and a good one.

in retrospect the party probably should have been put on for free (even though most people on this board that post DID get in for free, some did not).
if x-box can do it, i'm sure smirnoff can afford it.
however, i went for the music and KNEW there would be sponsorship there and i dealt with it.

corporate sponsorship will never disappear, but how we react to it is very important.

if someone had called me and i was annoyed by it, i would do what alex suggested and register my complaint.
alex is not saying we MUST complain his way, he's just offering a concrete suggestion.


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Some excellent points now being raised...

Way more intelligent discussion than earlier in the post.

Alex does indeed have some good points, but they have since been modified and improved upon by the rest of this thread...

Bottom line seems to be, if you don't like it, don't go. PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

Whether you believe it or not, the masses (consumers) do rule and if no one shows up the next time Smirnoff is in town, they won't be back.

I'm guessing that won't happen though.

orange richie

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^^^^ I agree with the fact that many good points were raised throughout this thread.

There is nothing wrong with corporations like Shmirnof to sponsor an event. But do it with some class. I heard that the only alcohol you could buy was Shmirnof. That's fucking lame. People arn't stupid; they don't have to plaster their logo all over the place, yes everyone knows it's Shmirnof. Maybe if they didn't push it in our faces so much people might actualy buy their product.

What Shmirnof and other company's should do is create the 'ultimate party experience' without the extra cheese. That's way more advertising power to them rather than xtra large logos all over the place.

It's not that hard to find a good vibe. No it's not the same as back in the day but it can be done and I've seen it before at the Guv even. Hell I don't even mind what Benson and Hedges does around the city besides the cheezy outfitted cigarette girls. Whatever...

Rickardo Belmiro de la Cruz...


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We lucked out
No one stopped us to fill out anything
I never do anyways because I know what happens when you give out to much info.
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QUOTE from Alexd post above:

"And as for you Pest, go fuck yourself. If you don't like the basic rules this board has always had, leave. Fucking whiner."

Funny, change a few words around and Alex's post is the rebuttal to his own arguments in previous posts:

"And as for you Alexd, go fuck yourself. If you don't like the basic rules Smirnoff have set out for their parties, leave. Fucking whiner."

Food for thought.


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what i don't understand is how they got my # in the first place, considering that i never even filled anything out in the first place at all...

the only way they could have gotten my # is through my ticketmaster.ca account, and if ticketmaster is giving my information out then i have an even bigger bone to pick with them.
did this happen to anyone else?


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I really think you guys are missing a lot of AlexD's point. He may have come on strong at the beginning but he's making a valid suggestion.

Unless Smirnoff knows how little we appreciated the overabundance of advertising at the party, and how lame we though it was, they're going to continue to do this.

I still think that it should have been expected that there would be tons of advertising. But I agree with Alex about drawing a line..whatever that may be to each of us.


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Totally agree with ya delirium....

Good point. And you're right, Alexd's point about the same thing is valid. The way he worded it originally did sound like he thought Smirnoff was a large, rather ugly 2-headed monster who may just bite his head off at the next party though.

It would be nice if a corporate sponsor did realize the power they had by not overdoing it with their 'brand presence'. I totally agree that the impact would be much greater. But hey, maybe that is why we are not executives at either UDV or Starcom, that and the fact that we'd go postal if we had to work in an office from 9 to 5 everyday, or at least I would.....
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Smirnoff Experience * support-schmmort *
I don't care who was hosting the event.
As soon as a clipboard girl said 'If you fill out this card with some information you could win $5000' I know exactly what was going on. What do you expect?

Regardless of the ethics/rules of data gathering -) phone number = phone call

My ticket price was my entertainment fee and meant nothing else to me.
I just wanted to see DJ Dan and Dekoze.


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I didn't go to this event, and so I never filled out any card, and therefore did not get a phone call on Saturday morning.

My points on this issue are the following:

A) If you gave out your personal information, you should not be completely suprised that the company used this personal information to contact you.

B) I do agree though that they should have selected a more appropriate time to contact people. Maybe wait until the afternoon to make their phone calls (as most people they are tragetting prolly go out late on the Friday night)

C) Most people seem to be bitching about the phone calls and how marketing research is evil. Just keep in mind, it is marketing research that helps make products and service better for the general public. Consumer feedback is a very valuable tool for a company as they strive to make a product or deliver a service that better suits you, the customer. I always take the time to answer survey questions or fill out feedback forms. It gives me an opportunity for someone in the company to see what they could possibly improve with regards to their product or service. You may not think that your 1 comment will count, but trust me, all this info is processed and taken into consideration. So in the end, by answering these surveys, rather than bitchign about the company "invading your privacy", you are actually helping yourself. Try to think of it that way and you main have a better understanding of why these marketing companies do what they do.

Cheers ... Ian


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I think that these "corporate" events
should be FREE !

Really why are they charging entry fee's?

Do they not make enough money off
of us through our "consuming" !

After some serious thought , I can agree with most of the people , and their
Truly when was the last time you actually
paid to get into an event and then was harrased by " clueless marketing people " afterwards?

Did anyone get a call from " XBOX" after IDance ? The answer is NO!

Through various channels I have heard about the massive loss of $ from this event, and I can only really see one reason why !


Completely unorganized !

How can a venue so familiar with these type of events, have so many problems ?

Welcome to the era of " peer marketing "
where corporate companies post their own comments through alias !
a tanted thread ?

Much respect to the true heads , and the people who really make things happen !

Happy New Years
just annoyed,


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Moral of the story: Everyone should have made the trek to Montreal to see Danny T at Stereo instead.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by stretchandhooker:
How can a venue so familiar with these type of events, have so many problems ?

good question! yet they continue to have them, over and over and over, the guvernment complex makes the same mistakes every time they throw a big party. they have no incentive to improve things because people keep coming back.
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