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FTWK @ Tonic w/ the Eastern Bloc boys


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God, I hate house. God, I hate Tonic.

So why did I have so much fun? And why did I dance till I sweated through my t-shirt, something I haven't done in a long time?

Despite the karate chop to where the sun don't shine (those damn searches at Tonic are brutal), every moment of it was great.

There's something amazing about walking into a place and seeing a bazillion people you know dancing up a storm without a care in the world.

I really enjoyed when Dekoze was on each time because he always plays really raunchy, sexy stuff.

If I knew more about house, I'd give a better review but all I can say is that it's nice to see a mixed crowd. I'd like to point out that there was an eerie absence of hoochies and a giant turnout of black wearing guys (I saw a couple grinding each other by the bar). The tv screens on the ceiling are a plus. And I don't think it was as packed as it gets usually.

I'd like to say hi to all the beautiful people who were present including Dora, Susan & Alex, Jay, Jake the Snake, Air Bag, Brian, Madnezz (who grinded me to the floor at one point, Orange Richie, Alchemy, Heather, Terry, Malia (sp?), Shauni (sp?), LURCH and a big hi to the hot bartender with the hat. Cuz of her, I finally understand why guys think girls are so hot.
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finally i agree with you on something
bad music, cool ppl


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Wow- what an awesome night!!!! HOLY TBK!!

Unlike SOME, I thought the music was great!!!

***BUT--- I had one really BIG BEEF. I have to say, tonic seems to take people's cash any way they can:::

I recieved an email telling me to email a certain addy for guestlist (which I did) AND I was also told that it would be free before 11:30.

Not only was I NOT on guestlist, but it was NOT free before 11:30.

Now, I don't really care about paying cover, but when someone tells me that there will be no cover, for TWO reasons, and it turns out that there IS- I get pissed off. It's just for ethical business reasons, that this SHOULDN'T HAPPEN....


<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by MoFo:
Madnezz (who grinded me to the floor at one point..)</font>

NO WAY!!!! I was trying to give you a wedgie after you threatened to give me one, and you went STRAIGHT for the ground!!! *LOL* Great to see you had so much fun=== and that sweater was rockin! *wink*

SO AWESOME to party with so many people- I will attempt to name them all!!

And thanks to everyone who made my friend Josh feel welcome--- he said you guys were all soo cool!! (He even used the word "COMMUNITY" to describe everyone!! *sniff*)

SHOUT OUTS!:: (in no particular order!)

MOFO- as I said, great to see you, dont get to too often!!
AIR-BAG- nice to see you again, even if you didnt remember me! *wink*
JAKE THE SNAKE- AWESOME to finally meet you!!! great to put faces to names!!
DORA- Dora, Dora- you always put a smile on my face (and everyone else's!!!)
BRIAN- HOLY COW!!! YOU ROCK!!!!! GREAT to see you again!!!!!!!!
MALIA- we got gipped baby!!!! stupid guestlist... *Grin* Great to see you!!
GIRLFRIDAY- Nice to meet you Heather- only, didn't really get to chat or anything! *S*
ALCHEMY- you drunk- hahaha- i really got you bad a couple of times!! Still looking for your underwear? *wink*
ORANGE RITCHIE- RITCH! Always a pleasure!! *S*
JASON- you DEFINETLY compare with KF for the hug factor- always fantastic to see the man who knows EVERYONE! *L*
COSMIC- AWWWW AMBER!!!! why didnt I see you AT ALL last night except for right at first?? I miss you, doll!!!
LORESS- Same goes for you Lori--- I ssaw HARDLY enough booty shakin commin from you! *grin*
SUSAN- awesome as always!! *grin* Nice catch!
ALEX- NICE CATCH! *Grin* You're a lucky man.
DIPSY/DIMPY?- Girl, you sure know how to party, and you've got a great vibe!! I hope to see you out lots more!!!
JAYREV- bro, what can I say. CAN'T WAIT FOR MONTREAL!!!
HELEN- Im afraid I cant remember your boardname, but you always ROCK. *Grin* We gotta hook up!
LURCH- AWESOME to see you again Lurch- you sure know how to shake that ass well!! *grin*

phew, ok, that's it! *grin*



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Ok so I stuffed to the brim with turkey (dora makes the best turkey in a bag) and tiramasu (i make the best tiramsu in a box) and all of a sudden bam we appear at a near empty Tonic. "Oh well" i think to myself "private party" hehehe. So one drink leads to a shot, one shot leads to Hye buying me 3 and telling the ohhhh soooo hot "69" bartender its my b-day so she soes a shot with us then gives me a kiss :p Next thing I know the place is nicely filled the music is pumping and I am dancing with the greatest set of party people that you could ever ask for
The night got a little blurry after that but its allllll good

Shout outs to.........

MADNEZZ-OMG I knew the night was going to be good when the first face I see when I walked in the door was yours , smiling of course =) Thanx for the confirmation that I have an ass and that it does have feeling in it!
AIR-BAG-where's my shirt!!! hehehe
JAKE THE SNAKE- In full effect!! who was that little cutie you were dancing with at around 3am?
MOFO- Glad to her you were tempted by the darkside aka "69" bartender
DORA- NO YOUR THE BEST DANCER!!! hahahaha Me+U+lori = breakdancing
ALCHEMY- Quite a night huh....crazy ass liqour store run, T-Hole livingroom at dora's along with your pricless stand-up routine
followed by some alltime greatest partying!!! thanx for the CD's btw
MALIA- Damn you can dance, those to old guys trying to dance you heather and laura up were hilarious hehehe
GIRLFRIDAY- Allllllllllways a pleasure to see your smiling face
ALCHEMY- Quite a night huh....crazy ass liqour store run, T-Hole livingroom at dora's along with your pricless stand-up routine
followed by some alltime greatest partying!!! thanx for the CD's btw
ORANGE RITCHIE- Damn!!! one of these days we are going to say more than 2 words to each other.
COSMIC- The master of disguise
ummm ok i just never recogine you hehehe i am bad.
ALEX- Hey your name is Alex right? hahaha
JAYREV- Pure evil, you and me = partying hardcore!!! hahaha man we have the best times

HELEN- Pure fun as usual, yes i am coming friday!!! It was great dancing with u and deflecting the creeps
YES I will call

LORESS- Breakdancing WILL occur!!! I swear it!! I will call you
SUSAN- You 2 are soooo perfect for each other , great seeing you again, see u fri.

P.S. god am I hungover!!!!! ughhhhhhh Sooooooooooooooooooo worth it and I am soooo looking forward to Fri night!!!!!
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Bobby Thrust

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COntrary to previous posters, I loved the music. Especially the techno (sorry folks, techno is not house). In fact, that was one of the most enjoyable nights musically I have experienced at Tonic because it was just so damned fun. Musical fun I say. Wicked to be around so many familiar faces.
I also can not complain about the fountain fight between the 2 increbily attractive bartenders near the loo.

My girlfriend and I said our goodbyes to the crew and then began to leave when Deko-ze teased Africa from Chemical Brothers. Despite the fact that I have seen Deko-ze 45834895 times, I somehow forgot that he likes to tease songs regularly in his sets and so all of the sudden we were still there 30 minutes later because we were dancing like villains.
Combined with the amazing show of Bassment Jaxx, tonight was a wicked night. If only there was a London Acid Techno Free party to go to after, I would have died and gone to heaven!

Rock on.


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Fun fun fun...thank you so much to all the cool boys who assisted me in staying away from the not so cool boys that wouldn't go away - especially the old guy - ew

Great to see everyone out, and meet some new folks as well. Lurch - I believe you're referring to my neighbour Terri (dancing w/Brian)... she had a blast and loves all of you guys.

One more thing...I am Heather - Girl Friday is Malia...I know it doesn't make much difference 'cause we're always together however I'm a lot more into legumes than she is


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Okay, so the music wasn't that bad. Had to pull out the junglist 'tude to not get Air-Bag on my case. Even he'll tell you I knew a lot of the tracks.

Laura, what's this about my sweater. girl? What was wrong with it? I haven't worn that thing in a year.

And it was SO grinding. The wedgie was an excuse to get me on the floor and you know it! Dora's guilty of this as well. I never laughed so hard! I was so intimidated by two beautiful women so up close and personal... Hehe. I mean, I wasn't trying to give you a wedgie. I was looking for a battle.

Thanks for the AMAZING laughs. I felt so euphoric when you guys did that. I was dying of laughter.

And next time I'm not going to attempt anything Alchemy. Then maybe I would've gotten a little farther down instead of the "fear of a wedgie" pull back.
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last night was truly a reminder of why i party- great people, great music and just tons of positive vibes. after having so much fun i can just envision myself, a ripe old cougar partying 10 years from now.

with a mix of hard techy house with some familiar tunes and a moment of cheesy eighties goodness i could not stop dancing, and as an added bonus there actually was room to move without hurting anybody.

i'd never been to tonic on a wednesday, but aside from the guestlist problems i could see how a little midweek partying could be a wonderful source of release. as a venue it seems looks like it has a ton of potential even for other nights. the tvs on the celing could be used to provide for some really interesting visuals, but the dj booth is kind of high up.

big ups to: jake the snake, lurch, susan, alex, madnezz, mofo, jay, helen, heather, malia, jason, loress and a couple of other people whose names i can't remember due to that dirth drug alcohol! but it was nice to put so many names to faces. i think the whole club felt the tribe presnce.

a special thanx goes to our special hostess of the evening dora who is truly a diva (i can't wait for your next soiree)


eagerly looking forward to more decadence at nick warren


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by MoFo:
Laura, what's this about my sweater. girl? What was wrong with it? I haven't worn that thing in a year.

NO NO NO!!! Don't get me wrong- that sweater was gorgeous!!!! It's just that the side zipper was driving Dora and I crazy, if you know what I mean!!! *grin*


girl friday

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Don't believe chickpea, I eat waaaay more vegeatables than she does

PS I had an amazing time
Thanks for the hospitality Dora
Thanks for the rides Derric and Alex
Thanks to everybody else who was already metioned for making wed such a fun night
Oh yeah and thanks to Deko-ze and Jello for having so much fun behind the decks, had me smiling all night long


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Aaaaaah...What fun...what party music...what splendid naked djs. Well...almost naked. If any of you didn't stop by the dj booth for a peek after about 2:00 AM, you definately missed out. And is it just me, or did the vibe quotient go through the roof in the place from about that point on or what?

I usually find that "For Those Who Know" kind of just fizzles out at the end. Not in a bad way - it is a weeknight after all. But no such fizzle on Wednesday. People were going off on the dance floor to the bitter end.

Craig played a nice casual opener; Paul Walker stormed through the place; Jelo & Deko-ze — pure back-to-back madness. Nice!
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