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FST: Strangest place you've ever gotten it on.


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Forgive me if this has already been done!

I realized the other day that I'm pretty vanilla when it's comes to crazy places i've done the deed... Which got me wondering how much more interesting everyone else's misadventures are compared to my own!

So? Are you a mile-high club member? Have a weird story about gettin' it on in some exotic place? Share! Share!
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Park bench in high park at night. Middle of the playing field at Del Lassale school at night. Bottom of a stairwell to an underground parking garage in the afternoon.
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A hotel stairwell. Strange because of we had a room. And because security came and kicked down the door, eventually.

the Doctor

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Copenhagen, historical round tower (some landmark).

Bathroom overlooking the city ... gorgeous.

But it was closing time, and we got busted as they were clearing out the place.

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Wonderland. out by White Water Canyon in those bushes.

at work alot, but that's not unusual at all.
I love Toronto and the ease of doing married women.


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her mom's bathroom, during thanks giving dinner with family over. subway sammiches in the kitchen after close. mcdonald's freezer.
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Staff room at the famous players in Newmarket (the old one, not the new silvercity one on Yonge St).
On a boardroom table @ my stepdad's work afterhours...guy worked for my stepdad.

Old Yeller

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in a city park during the middle of the day
at the movies
in teh box of my pickup truck @ the Yorkdale parking lot 3 Friday afternoon's in a row
in a canoe
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