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FST: Sex 'n' Substances


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This week's Friday Sex Thread is about getting loaded then getting into bed.

We can all agree that when people get drunk, high or stoned and then stumble into the sack, the result isn't often pretty but it definitely is memorable.

So whether the scenario is disastrous, outrageous, or heart-poundingly sexy, divulge your stories here.
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When I was at western, I called up my fuck buddy when I got home from the bar and had him come over. (I think??) we were done, and I rolled over and puked on the floor. Classy!

Sketchy sex and sex after getting really stoned are both great no matter what.


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Sex on drugs is either spectacular or horrible. It's gamble but if it pays out you're gonna hit the jackpot.
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Weed and sex is about the best I think of. Maybe the residuals after eating a pill.

booze = whiskey dick
coke = coke dick
k = k-hole
acid = yeah right


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sex on shrooms is no good
have yet to have sex on E
sex on the pot and the alcamahol is great
although drunken sex once turned pukey for me
sober sex is the best

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Sex is the last thing on my mind when acid/shrooms are involved. I remember my buddy trying to pull some moves when we were peaking out and all I could do was laugh in his face.

Ditto Much

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I've quit drugs and alcohol a few times, sex is what always bring me back to it. It seems like my first time with any girl is always while both parties are intoxicated. I have always had a rule about not having sex with somebody for the first time when they are more messed up than I am. But during the sober periods this has meant that first times were completely sober, I was 26 the first time I sex for the first time with someone when we were both completely sober and my lord was in akward.

I've tried to keep substance abuse and sex somewhat compartmentalized but its been a killer.
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You've got to love weed and even better, hash sex though. You're both in control but kind of hazy...The hash body buzz making you kind of tingly and extra-sensitive...


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kmac said:
Gah, I really have to try GHB one of these days.

the one time I tried it, we ended up falling a sleep..and I was so looking forward to the hype.
oh well - I really can't imagine sex getting too much more intense then e sex.
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