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FST: Hottest Body Part on the Opposite (or Same) Sex


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This is probably a repeat, but my searches haven't turned up anything matching.

What is the part of the opposite (or same) sex's body that gets you the most steamed up? Maybe it's that one curve that makes you just want to bite it, or it could be just the thing that draws you in and makes you want to find out more.

For me it'd be a short list...I can't think of just one part that trumps all others.

Nice strong arms make me weak in the knees every time
A firm, round, grabbable ass is amazing in a few different ways
Deep, mysterious, sexy eyes are usually the first thing that draws me in

And I think if I were a guy, I would definitely be a tit man.
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I am defintely attracted to female collar bones. I dont know why but i just find them so sexy.
Other than that I am a leg and feet man. You can be the hottest girl I have ever met but if you have bad feet stay away hehe. ;)
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womens tummies...mmmm, so tasty and lickable...a nice flat but soft tummy, no 6 packs but just that perfect area between hip bones...yeah that's nice

Prickly Pete

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ev said:
small of the back.. especially when they arch their back!
the ass.


Flashy_McFlash said:
Word...Or the curve of the hip when lying on their side.


and I also really like the line to the side of the stomach area the hip bone makes when girls lie on their back...
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It is all about the buttocks on a woman. I've seen incredibly hot women....but if her ass is as flat as a board then I'm not interested....

Sleepy Giant

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Two things to add here.

1. Nape of the neck.

2. Those dimples at the base of the spine, I don't know what they are called but they make me go somethin somethin.
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smooth skin, graceful neckline, soft full lips, a touch of "wonder" in the eyes (not vacuity)...

and there's somethin' to an ass without any lines that's saying "wearing a thong or less" that stirs me right up...


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Poot said:

And shoulders.

Shoulders are so, so hot.
ditto. (on men, anyhow)
also like a good round boy-ass.

on women - definitely boobs, curvy waist/hip, and [weirdly] wrists. women sometimes have the most delicious wrists.
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it's all about the eyes.

oh and arms... toned (but not steroid-ish) biceps are on guy are beautiful.


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Women: Suprasternal notch

(ok, really sexy on some men too)

Men: the indent of that runs from the hip to the crotch - highlighted by a well defined internal obliques and sartorius muscle
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There's something about the whole collar bone/neck region.... on some women, SOOOOOO HOT.

In addition to the usual suspects... boobs, ass, and legs.
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