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FS : Zwave Home Automation security-package $270


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I just bought this item off tigerdirect about a month ago. I wanted to try and pimp out my place a little, but I have decided to sell it before I expand too much. Selling it for $270 as TigerDirect is still selling it new for $370 after the rebate.

Thanks.. you can PM me on tribe if you're interested.

Advanced Home Security Solution - Vera

1) VeraLite Smart Home Controller
Only about 3 weeks used.

2) An electronic door lock :
Just installed & used for about 5 days.

3) Two wireless, pan and tilt video and audio security cameras with night vision.
opened up the one box and used it, but not the other.

4) Two dedicated 3-way motion sensors with a wide pickup range.
You'll need to purchase some kind of double sided tape to re-stick your sensor to your door/wall.

5) Two wireless window/door security sensors to place around your house.
Double sided tape will be needed here also.

This is a video which I thought was pretty cool and demos how this person uses it.


--------------------------------clip from link :
Advanced Home Security Solution - Vera


Plug and play security system and more
Remote controllable smart door lock
Video cameras with sound
Motion, window and door sensors
Completely expandable, up to 100 devices
With this package you get security in ways that are miles beyond those old school alarm systems that didn’t do much besides wake your neighbors.

Of course you get all the essentials you want and need, including the cameras, security sensors and smart controls that give you today’s most advanced security possibilities. But with our system, you can go beyond just ‘trespasser’ security.

You can tell the lock to send you a text or email you when someone’s come home. Or not. You can tell specific lights to go on when a sensor is tripped. You can have humidity and temperature conditions in your house send you alerts too. Pre-empting things like flooding and overheating is a new kind of security.

With this package, your house now becomes an automatic partner in running your life, not just a drain on your wallet. With Vera, you can build your home security investment into whatever kind of smart home you want –above and beyond getting the security you need.


Think of how much money slides through your checkbook every month (and every year) for a home security system. What if you could get the same benefits (and more) without having to pay monthly fees at all? Now you’re talking Vera.

Any security system worth its salt watches your house 24/7 and alerts you when something’s wrong. Of course ours does this too. But traditional security systems make you pay for the privilege each and every month, whether something happens or not. And besides that, you’re now locked into their system. You can only add the features and functions that they offer. Most don’t offer anything to your smart home besides more of the same; more locks, more sensors, more cameras, etc. And virtually all of them make you commit to a monthly or annual contract that guarantees their safety as much as yours.

Why should you have to pay hundreds of dollars per year, and thousands over time, to get fewer features and less flexibility? Our security system gives you the same peace of mind as the big guys, and the same advanced security features. But we also give you more for your money, and we do it without the monthly fees!


Get more power and features than what those other guys offer, but without monthly costs and without long-term commitments.
Two cameras keep an eye on your home & loved ones.
Smart door lock notifies you when kids get home or workers arrive.
Receive alerts when motion is sensed, when temperature is extreme & more.
Monitor your home from anywhere on your smartphone or tablet.

With our Security Package, you get more than a conventional home alarm. It goes further than that.

Take control of your home security with this easy and economical package. It not only gives you the most advanced security features, like remote door control, video cameras and window/door sensors, you also get the flexibility to add more smart controls beyond security.

VeraLite Smart Home Controller — it’s the brains behind your Vera home control system. It’s plug and play and completely expandable.
An electronic door lock that gives you complete control and notification over who comes and goes.
Two wireless, pan and tilt video and audio security cameras with night vision.
Two dedicated 3-way motion sensors with a wide pickup range.
Two wireless window/door security sensors to place around your house.
Two lamp modules so you can program or manually control lights from anywhere.
With this package, you can watch your home through cameras, of course, and this one includes two of them with pan and tilt functionality. So you can remotely see and control who gets in and out of your house, using your smart electronic lock. When the UPS guy shows up you can let him make the dropoff when you’re at work. When the visiting nurse that comes to help Grandma is scheduled, you can remotely unlock and then re-lock the door for her, all without disturbing anyone.

Naturally, you get security sensors that tell you when someone’s on the property, or when a window or door has been opened. And you get lighting control that not only works in concert with the rest of your security system, but also gets you started with home energy management, so you can save even more each month.

Big (and small) security companies might charge you over a thousand dollars a year in monthly fees for these kinds of services. We think that’s a lot of money you don’t need to spend to have peace of mind.


VeraLite Controller
Flash Memory: 32 MB
Memory: DDR2 64 MB
USB Port: 1
WAN Port: 1
Z-Wave Built-in with internal antennae
Dimensions (HxWxD) 116mm x 95mm x 44mm

Power Supply
Input: AC 100 ~ 240v, 50~60Hz
Output: DC 12V/2A
Battery Pack: 4 AA batteries (included)

Safety UL/cUL

Video Cameras
Standard definition video quality
Pan and tilt viewing
Automatic night vision operation

Door/Window Sensors
Tells you when open/closed
Battery lasts for 2 years

Motion Sensor
Detect activity in your home

Smart Door Lock
Pushbuttons replace keys
Can send alerts
Can be open/closed remotely
New code ‘keys’ easily made

Lamp Modules
On, off or dim remotely
Includes 2nd pass-through outlet
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Still available if anyone's interested. The main reason for wanting to get rid of it is because my wife monitors shit at her work and she didn't feel comfortable with a device in our home that monitored us.... so I said we'll just take the loss and get rid of it. If dropping it a couple extra bucks makes a difference to anyone.. let me know.

Thanks, Marty