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FS: Yamaha NS-10M Studio Monitors and Amp


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For sale are my pair of Yamaha NS-10Ms. I am the original owner and they are a matched pair. They have never been damaged or repaired and are 100% original. They have only been used in my smoke free home studio and are in perfect condition. I am also including a Peavy 260 power amp that is also in excellent condition and all the cables you’ll need to hook everything up right away.

The Yamaha NS-10M Studio Monitors are legendary in the recording industry. If you’re into music production or recording you’ve likely heard of them. They are instantly recognizable by the white cone of the main driver as they’ve been used in large studios like the one pictured below and small home recording setups like mine for decades. Interestingly, the tree's that they use to make the white cones are no longer around so Yamaha opted to stop making the NS-10Ms so they would not run out of replacement parts. Now the NS-10Ms are considered classics.

What makes the NS-10M special has been documented over and over on the web, but in a nutshell they give you a response similar to standard consumer speakers yet are studio quality and highly durable. It has been said that if your mix sounds good on the NS-10Ms then it will sound good on anything.

Folks that are interested are welcome to come check them out and hear them. Please bear in mind what the NS-10Ms do; they are not an alternative to a pair of Mackies :)

Asking $700 obo

Send a PM or email:




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It has been said that if your mix sounds good on the NS-10Ms then it will sound good on anything.

It's true! NS-10s sound like ass, but that's precisely what makes them so great. I could never mix a record without a pair. They're all midrangey and allow you to pick out the finest detail of your mix... I wish I had the cash right now as I'd take these off of you no question!
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