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FS: Wall Art, Side Table


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Just trying to do some spring cleaning and change my decorating scheme!

I love both these two pieces, but they've been banished to a corner for the past four months due to lack of space. :(

The first is a cool side table i picked up from urban outfitters in november - got a couple small scratches on the surface but otherwise pretty much brand new.

asking $30 obo

The second is a *very* vintage wall tapestry - it's definitely seen better days - it needs to be re-stretched on the canvas, and possibly given some tlc/cleaning. But, it's not something that you'll find nowadays. It was purchased from a vintage furniture store a couple years ago in kensington.

asking $25 obo
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the gatekeeper

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Did you get my reply about the wall hanging Jesux? I'll take it if you don't mind waiting til the weekend for me to pick it up. If it's too late, no worries.