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FS: Waldorf Microwave XT - $650

Cheap Ego

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Selling my orange bad boy to pay down some debts fast, hence the price.

This is a great synth. If you take the time to learn wavetable synthesis, you will really make this thing scream. It's a little too complex for my liking, but I've heard it in more talented hands and its range and richness blew me away. As you can see in the pictures below, this is not the scaled down single rack-size model but the full blown 44-dial version. Also has a full four outputs for multi-patch-mania!

Here's a quick ebay auction for comparison:

..and a Sound On Sound article for your perusal:

..and some pictures courtesy of carbon111 (note: mine has longer knobs, as opposed to the stubby version in the pictures)



pm me for deets. thanks!


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hahhaa.. .great pics!

I own one of these.... and I can tell you..... it's a bargin at 650$. When I got mine new it was over $2k. and even then I thought it was worth it. also it's good to know. the stubbie knobs where part of version one release and the chips weren't soldered to the board as well as in the later versions....

Did you get the multi voice expansion card for it?

I would highly suggest anyone who's looking for an alternative/compliment to a Virus or anything

Cheap Ego

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ok so I've been lazy and haven't gotten it out to ebay yet. but I don't like selling synths on ebay, so...$500? Any of you earlier bidders want a stab at it?