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FS: Vestax PDX-2000, PMC-06 ProA and more


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Photos: http://ca.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/ndli1982/album?.dir=/ade0re2&.src=ph

1. Vestax PDX-2000 Turntable: $330 CAD.
* please notice the hook on the tonearm stand is missing, but the stand can still support the tonearm. The turntable itself is in great condition.

2. Vestax PMC-06 ProA: $170 CAD.
* I just lubed the PCV crossfader and cleaned the inside for this sales.

3. Shure M44-7 cartridge mounted on Stanton headshell: $60
* The undisputed king of scratch cartridges. I only used it a few times so it still has a lot of life in it.

4. Sony Mini Hi-Fi System: $60
* Plays CDs and Cassettes, great for your room.

If you buy any 2 items together, you get $10 off the total. 3 items, you get $20 off. 4 items, you get $30 off.

I live in Markham, I will try to deliver the items at your convenience.

For any inquiries, please email me at: zatoichi123456@hotmail.com

Please go to the link on the top and check out the photos.

Thanks for your interest, happy buying :)
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Great seller! Great deals!

Just want to send a big thanks to zatoichi for a smooth transaction. Picked up the mixer with no hassel, exactly as advertised.

Kudos to the seller. Please bid on the other items with confidence!



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Hi guys,

**New Price**

$300 for the PDX-2000
$50 for the M44-7

or $330 for both together

And the Sony Mini-HiFi at $50

regards, and thanks M1NYA for the positive feedback



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**Final Price Drop**

Now the PDX-2000 and the M44-7 together for $300 CAD

thanks and happy buying,

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The M44-7 is sold.
Now I only have the Vestax PDX-2000 left. I will let it go for $250.
If you buy the Sony Mini Hi-Fi together, it will be $270 total.

That's a crazy deal. I am leaving Toronto in about a week, so don't hesitate.
If I can't sell the stuffs I might as well just ship it to Vancouver with me.

cheers and thanks,



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Hi All,

I am leaving Toronto in a week. Have to let my pdx-2000 go. I am selling it at $200CAD

Please let me know if you have any questions,