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FS: Vestax PCV 275


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A well used Vestax PCV 275 that has two working channels and one that is a bit sketchy, but with a new fader should be fine.

It also comes in a metal suitcase thing with a hand painted radiation symbol I used in an old Halloween costume. If you want to handcuff this to your person upon carry out, I will not judge.

$50 takes it.

Pick up in Parkdale

PM or email spencer dot daniels @ gee male dot com
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It was tentatively spoken for by unique2100, but I've been too lazy to deliver it to him - $25 isn't much motivation. If you're willing to pick it up, and he isn't - it's all yours.


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Where are you located? I can def grab it anytime.

Txt me if his lazy ass doesn't want it.