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FS: UPS - APC XS 1000 Battery Backup


TRIBE Member
I have for sale an APC UPS. It is the XS 1000 model, which is more than enough for most desktops. Everything still works on it and the battery is good for about 20-30 minutes of backup time.

I'd prefer to sell it locally, because shipping it to someone in the US that is on eBay would probably cost more than it is worth as it is quite heavy.

I am asking $90 OBO for the UPS. It originally cost me $229 + tax (about 2 years ago). There is nothing wrong with the unit functionally, or cosmetically. I'll deliver it anywhere in the GTA for an additional $10.


If you are interested in purchasing anything (or have any questions), feel free to e-mail me at buysell@thechapmangroup.ca

- Ian