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FS: UNLOCKED Samsaung Blackjack II Smartphone

Jonny Thrice

TRIBE Member
Hey all,

My g/f is selling her unlocked Samsung Blackjack II smartphone. Its a FIDO model, unlocked, so you can use any SIM carrier (like...Fido! or Rogers).

She had it for maybe 6 months, but shes getting a Blackberry at work, so she cant use this phone anymore. It in PERFECT shape, not a scratch on it. Screen is excellent, battery is excellent..the thing is practically brand new. Comes with all accessories and aftermarket rubberized hard case.

She's looking for $240.00 OBO




Gently used UNLOCKED Samsung Blackjack. No scratches or dents. Phone is in mint condition.


* Phone

* Wall Charger

* Car Charger

* Software

* Snap case for Blackjack

* Headphones

* Instruction Manuel

* Original FIDO phone box

She lives in the Dufferin/Bloor area, so you may pick it up. E-mail her at sexyplayboyplaymate@hotmail.com

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